This was one of those "I'd rather be blessed than smart" type of hunts. If you believe that your Creator can make hungry lions keep their mouths shut when there’s meat in the den, and I do, then its easy for Him to make a turkey gobbler be suicidal. And that’s about what happened on this hunt. I wish I could report that I called him away from another hen on the other side of the hollow and that he sashayed right into gun range. Instead he walked up and down the hollow on the neighbor’s property the previous day, gobbling often, until I gave up in frustration at 1 o’clock. Today I moved the blind to the bottom of the hollow just inside the property line ......and he was roosted 400 yards into the neighbor's property and never came much closer all morning. Around 11:30 I packed up the blind and puffed out of the hollow. When I got to the field edge at the top, I pushed the carrying case strap over my head and let blind fall to the ground with a "kawuuumpf".

Immediately there was a gobble from 40 yards away in some scattered cedars. I dove for the cover of a big oak, got my vest off with the noisy decoys inside, and managed to get my gloves and face mask back on. Peeked around the side of the oak and there are two gobblers walking toward me. I made sure the first one was a mature gobbler and squeezed. When the smoke from the muzzleloader cleared, he was graveyard dead, but his buddy was ready to jump on him. The gobbler I killed weighed 19-1/2 pounds with a 10-1/2" beard and 1" spurs, but his buddy looked like he was easily 30 pounds.

This hunt capped a seventeen day, five state trip (MAHA plus AR and NE) and produced seven gobblers; the largest a 26-1/2 pounder in KS.



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