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1 February

Final scores were 194 3/8" B&C, 216 6/8" SCI.

We will keep this hunter anonymous. Thank you for a look at a great buck.

The Door Does Close

A reminder of the membership dynamic that occurs during spring turkey season. Recognizing deer hunters spring turkey hunt where they are planning on deer hunting shows us which unit or zone will have any degree of pressure. Any unit/zone that sees average to above average turkey hunting pressure compared to available deer spots is the first indicator for what unit/zone we will limit or stop any further new member application.

How this works. It does happen each June and July when tags are issued there are hunters that waited for their tags before applying for membership. There always has been and there will be this year applicants that wait will be turned away for no room in one or more units/zones based on spring turkey hunter distribution.


The rule is clear. All stands down by the last day of the season.

It has come to the partners' attention select hunters do not care if their stands remain up at risk of loss. These are some hunters who posted cheap stands or those that apparently have too much money without concern for any loss. Others have the belief that no one is checking.

Any hunter that loses a stand after having left it up past the last day of the season has no recourse for that loss.


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