April 2006 Updates

29 Apr

Double Turkey
Steve and I filled out our NE. tags same morning. Could you ID the type of birds these are for me please. I think mine is a cross (on the right ) and Steve's is an Eastern ? Thanks

26 Apr


Thanks Greg for the great story of what would be a great hunt for anyone!

25 Apr

"...A picture I have not yet seen on the website. This is a spot where the turkeys were dusting. From the tracks in the dirt of when it was muddy to this day's fresh dry dusting shows this one spot to be a favorite for this flock... had we not finished at first light this may have been a good afternoon spot..."

Thank you Jason for what we agree is a unique picture and one more piece to the puzzle.

"...It is so great when the student surpasses the teacher in ability...my 11-year old was catching three to every one of mine..."

Thank you Matt, it appears we all get old.

20 Apr

Upland Birds
"... I can honestly say that the opportunity that Mid America has provided has been worth the money. With a new family it's hard to get away and really put in the time needed to find good hunting spots and work the dogs!..."

Thanks Mark and family for a good assessment and picture.

18 Apr


A seasoned, experienced, multi state traveling upland bird hunter accidentally shot his own dog.

16 Apr

First ever Spring Turkey - Spring 2005. Thanks, Gerald.

Thank you Gerald and Clayton, and a very effective hunting account!

Tim, a 13 year local member with a trophy buck from the 05 season. Thanks for sharing a photo with us. Hopefully, next season you'll have that non-typical to add to your collection.

14 Apr

"...a great fall! Spent some quality time with my son..."

Thank you Joe for sharing your season and son's success with all of us.

Each spring turkey season we need to remind those that want to deer scout during the open turkey seasons the prime turkey properties are off limits to scouting. During the turkey season they are for turkey hunting only. These properties are available for deer scouting before and after spring turkey. Old news for most, but recently we have had two requests to scout such properties.

Spouse memberships
Some have commented on why a spouse membership for the June 1 membership price increase is as high as it is. The answer is that most husband and wives will reserve properties each per day and typically do so in prime and costly deer and turkey lease areas. It all comes down to the land does not come free, we must pay the leases and for all of us it is a matter of hunter pressure and keeping it as low as possible for all to have a good hunt.

12 Apr

DIY short notice turkey hunt.
"...my son Austin was able to harvest his first gobbler. The hunt was very exciting for him, he said his heart was beating hard..."

Thanks to Rex and Austin, always good to see smiles on a young person due to hunting. Better that than seeing the turkey.

Member's Advice
A member recommends all that spring turkey hunt come prepared as the chiggers and ticks have done well this spring.

10 Apr

Turkey Hunting
"...anytime a young man gets to bring home a bird, even a jake, it is a great time for both father and son..."

Thanks Doug and congratulations to Steven (and dad) on the good youth hunt. What we all like to see.

We have this issue as the number one landowner concern and this time ATV's worked to our advantage as we picked up a good lease previously held by an outfitter that offended the landowner with running ATVs "...all over the farm..." Just some feedback to the members.

An anonymous email asks why was the name blacked out on the Sonja and Bernie letter posted in the 6 April update? We typically do not respond in any manner to anonymous emails believing them to simply be rude. However, we have had this question before so we thought we would give feedback to all on this question. The names as well as address, telephone numbers and city of origin have been deleted from all letters as in the early days of this website they were posted and we found those members being targeted by some aggressive salesmen. Some of those same members would send us the sales material they received and we were surprised by first the range of variety and then how desperate some hunt providers must be for clients. While there are a good many hunt providers out there that have long track records of satisfied hunters the ones that seemed to be the most aggressive at advertising their services through tracking down our members were known locally for their reputation that was not good.

6 Apr

Spring Turkey
This is the time of year when spring turkey seems to overrun the updates and much to the disappointment of the non-turkey hunting member. And, each new story adds one more bit to the overall picture as does this one sent in by a traveling pair of turkey hunters, a husband and wife team. They do not so much tell of their turkey hunt as what is described is the higher value attained.

Thank you Sonja and Bernie for a very well written sentiment on what is important.

Turkey Hunting
Spring turkey season should be one of the safest hunts of all, since the hunter is only allowed to harvest a turkey with a visible beard. Most would agree to see a turkey that clearly would identify the shot target as a turkey and nothing else. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as each spring turkey season accidents do occur and mistaken for game incidents are the primary cause of turkey hunting accidents. Each year many sources publish spring turkey hunting safety tips. The best source we have found is the IHEA website that provides a by state breakdown and hunting discipline with short incident reports telling the circumstances of the accident. Reading those incident reports is certainly more impacting than reading lists of tips. They have reports covering 672 nonfatal and 72 fatal hunting accidents making it the most wide ranging database of hunting safety issues to be found. In short the IHEA is a quality organization every hunter should review. With youth season coming fast having a read of some of these summaries may be the best safety reminder of all.

1 Apr

Spring Turkey
Scouting plays a key role to the success of our hunters. Some of our most successful spring turkey hunters spend as much time scouting as they do hunting, to determine the patterns of the birds before they enter the field. This picture was taken on March 31, a good illustration of green up (winter wheat) and flock behavior.

To make hunting leases work they must work for all parties involved. If they do then we retain the best for years to come.

On occasion, we talk or visit with a landowner and he or she might request a small adjustment to the lease, which is usually relayed to the hunters as a "special regulation" on the map.

It's very important to comply with these guidelines to maintain a positive relationship with the landowners. Before you hunt or scout, it's a good idea to proof your printed map with the one on the map website for any changes. If the map was recently changed, the date of the change is under the updated column on the front page of the map website.

Driving through fields is not allowed on the majority of our leases and camping is restricted on many. We have to emphasize these points on a couple of maps with a special regulation clause because it is a make or break issue with the lease. Don't assume if only a handful of maps restrict driving through fields and camping, it is permissible with the rest of the maps. Vehicles beyond the gates to the property have caused trouble in the past.

Ponds are sometimes good fishing through unknown previous means. In many cases ponds take some management. Management is not particularly hard work, just time consuming. In this case we are relocating some Crappie to give balance to Flathead minnow heavy pond. The pond in this case had been used to grow for sale bait minnows. In two to three years this will be a good fishing spot.

March 2006

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