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1 April

John & Jon,
I had another very enjoyable season hunting with Mid-America. I didn't get any monsters this year, but just being out there chasing these majestic animals is all that anyone could ask for. I am Blessed! Thanks' for all that you guys do, to help all of us have such a great hunting experience.

We always like to see doe harvest. One more for the land run folder.

It is good to work with hunters willing to take the effort to set up for pictures and send them in realizing something as seemingly simple as a doe harvest picture has value for the entire Association of hunters. Good luck this turkey season.

"...Corn already is trading near its record-high price of $5.70 a bushel, more than double the price of two years ago. Soybeans are hovering near $13 a bushel, nearly double last year's level. But with stocks of corn and other staple grains lower than they have been in decades, grain markets are anything but stable. Agriculture exports are expected to rise to a record this year as China, India and other foreign nations clamor for grains to eat and to feed livestock...corn used for ethanol will make up more than 30% of the corn crop by next year, up from 14% in 2006...corn stocks...projected to be the lowest in decades...' We're living on the edge of a knife,' Mr. Victor recently told a group of investors at the Chicago Board of Trade. "There is no room for error.'..."
U.S. Farm Report Forecasts Corn Crunch, by Dow Jones Newswires, March 31, 2008, Smart Money.


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