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April 1

Longtime member Ron has hunted with MAHA for 34 consecutive seasons. Hopefully, many more years to come!

Ron long time

Deer Units 16 and 17

Every year around this time we tell how not all who want to will be able to hunt in MAHA. The long description for why this is the way it is we posted last January. That January posting is again true this year as it will be for 2016. For units 16/17 we have all the deer hunters we can take for the 2015 season.

One variance this season has been upland bird hunters. They have picked up nationally that Kansas had a mild winter on top of a better bird season last year. That combined with increasing dissatisfaction with South Dakota and with Oklahoma being pounded this winter has resulted in increased bird hunter applicants. That has driven us faster toward our cap usually reached around June. This year it looks to be achieved earlier. At that point applicants will be waiting for the handful or less folks to quit to make an opening.

At this point:

Anyone not yet a member with intentions or soon to have a Kansas unit 16/17 deer tag will be declined for membership.


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