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April 4

Henry B

Henry waterfowl

North wade-in.

Wade-in duck spot

South wade-in

Once again this summer we will drain and plant the north and south wade-in areas in Henry B and plant Japanese millet. Last year we had a decent stand but the flood water was tough on it.

wetlands maintenance

We planted the new dirt path to fescue so we have it closed to vehicle traffic until September. The maintenance on the wetlands is ongoing and costly. We found a leak in the levee on Fisher's Lake and cut in the dam on the north wade-in area that need to be repaired. We encourage anyone that has a friend who's tagged along as a guest to join since $50 guest passes don't go very far.

April 1

This is Brooks and the 10 point I got last Nov thought you would like to see. Les

Les 10 point


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