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April 4

Do it yourself, walk in only, three round trips over a half mile each, priceless..... Thanks MAHA, Joe

April 3



For the non-resident turkey hunter not familiar with farming practices in the Midwest don't be surprised if a pasture or CRP field has been burned during the spring turkey season. Burning is typically done from February through April.


Farmers burn their fields to encourage growth by removing competition from weeds. In a couple of days the fields green up and attract turkey to feed on dead bugs and fresh sprouts.


Burn soybeans

While on this topic we would like to also remind non-resident deer hunters who scout and hunt early green soybeans are a desirable food source.


Many non-resident hunters who return late season have given us feedback after the beans are cut the fields are wide open and the there is no feed for the wildlife. From the road cut bean fields look bare but an incredible amount of beans are spilled from the combines. The photo above was taken in late January of both deer and turkey feeding on a cut bean field. The same holds true for waterfowl and upland birds.


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