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April 24

Quail Dog


This was season 3 for 2 1/2 year old Betty. She learned a lot hunting with the older dogs during the first 2 seasons, but towards the end of this season she started putting it together on her own.

Betty leading the pack.


You can tell by the smile on his face how Kevin felt ending the day on this note.

April 21

It was a great hunt! He came in quite and strutting. I could hear him drumming before he attacked my jake decoy and knocked him over. Tom


Thank you Tom for sending in your picture.

Classic self-guided hunter picture using whatever set up he has. A great shot for those in their Association. For all others who come to this update section it is a good example how average folks can have a good hunt. No need for feeders, guides, propagated birds. Rise of remote brooders have more use than just for quail or pheasant.

April 20

Alex with a 7 am fly down layup.


Congratulations. The hunt we all want.


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