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April 28

In addition to this being my first year in the Association, this is my first turkey ever, so a pretty good morning. 20 pounds, 9 inch beard, 1 1/8 spurs. A good looking bird. Thanks for the hunt, now to get a deer worth of a picture this year. Jim


Wow, special day. Congratulations. True do it yourself.

April 27


On each property map you will see the words Principal Game listed. The list of species under Principal Game indicates what species of game is available to hunt or fish under our lease agreement with the landowner of this property.


Below is page 3 Section 8 from the Conditions of Membership:

Pg. 3
8. Rules: The “Conditions of Membership” include specific rules, permissions, prohibitions and/or restrictions which are written in this document and/or indicated on the individual property maps. Rules placed on individual property maps are exceptions and apply specifically to that property rather than uniformly to the Mid America Hunting Association. For example, a specific property map may contain the language: "No deer hunting properties 3 through 11".  This means in this instance that the Members have no rights to deer hunt on lands identified as sections 3 through 11 of that property unit (a "unit" is the same as a single map sheet in the map inventory).

a. The Association reserves the right at its sole discretion to create, amend and supplement “The Conditions of Membership” in any manner it sees fit to further the interests of the Association, its Members and its Landowners.

b. Only activities listed as permissible are allowed on Association land and each requires a reservation.

c. Any activity not listed as permissible is by its absence not allowed on Association land.

d. Listed prohibitions are informative for clarity of common asked questions. They do include all prohibitions, see paragraph 8.b above.

We are bringing this to everyone’s attention because last fall and during turkey season several issues arose that could potentially cost the club quality land if it happens once more in the future.

One recent occurrence was 2 members fishing a pond on a map with the Principal Game listed as Deer and Turkey Only! When challenged by the landowner the two members said fishing was included in the lease and fishing was not included in the lease. Also, they did not have a reservation to scout and the farm was closed to scouting. This was a tough and uncomfortable circumstance to explain to the landowner.

A lot goes on behind the scene to obtain and maintain every single lease. Control of the “do’s and don’ts “is critical for a lease renewal and lease renewals are our number one priority. If the reservation system does not allow you to scout, fish, quail hunt, etc... it is not available for member usage and included in our lease agreement with the landowner.


Thanks to 98% of the members that utilize the club in a flawless manner, but every once in a while we need to set an example for the 2% that can potentially cost the club money and land lease opportunity. Remember we are serious about the members obeying the state fish and game laws and club rules. Don’t jeopardize your membership by doing otherwise.

April 26

This story has been told on this update page several times. Only time has moved on while its meaning remain timeless. Twenty-one years ago this past winter John partnered up with Jon and made his first recommendations to hunters for spring turkey. The very first spot told to a hunter looking for ideas was a farm that hunter did scout. He reported back a negative review implying John did not know turkey hunting. Since that time that spot has been recommended to others. Most rejected it for "not being good enough". Gary, did hunt it starting in 1999. Gary continued to hunt it on and off just about every season since then when work/life allowed him to travel out our way. This year he hunted that spot and tagged again just as he has done every time he has hunted it since 1999.

Gary turkey hunting

For anyone who missed the point of this story it is the same as for deer hunting. Turkeys' know better where they want to be than hunters are at picking those spots.

Another hunter who has better than average success put it another way. Every farm has a golden nugget spot.

For those who may have drawn the wrong conclusion that John and Jon know all the good spots we must say we do not. Every season deer hunters tag trophies on spots we do not have listed as deer for our reason we secured that lease/spot.

Anyone who really wants an "inside track" on out-of-the-way golden nugget spots should make friends with a quail hunter. Quail hunters cover more ground than any deer hunter does and does so to each corner, crack, draw, nook, of a farm quail and dogs bring them to. In that coverage a quail hunter puts up many a large rack. Mostly in December and January when its cool/cold for better dog work.

April 25

The top one is from Matt and the bottom one is Jerry.

Congratulations guys. We have seen how much you have worked for success and enjoyment.


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