August 2003 Updates

19 Aug

Fishing. Randy, a long time fishing and hunting member sent in a catfish photo of a couple of keepers. Thanks Randy as it has been a while since any one sent in some catfish.

17 Aug

Kansas Deer. Friendly reminder to all hunting Kansas deer. The hunter must purchase and have on his possession while hunting both the basic (small game) license and a deer tag.

13 Aug

Fishing. Andrew Nantz, attorney at law and fisherman. For some of us this may be a strange combination. Perhaps the right one if we need to go to court, for who better than an outdoorsman to bring common sense to the law. Thank you Andrew for sending in the fine pictures.

12 Aug

Lease. Your Association staff has been deep into the land contracting end of the business in recent times and will be going strong and out of the office on the road for some time to come. The frequency of these updates reflect this and will continue to be light for a while to come.

7 Aug

Hunting Land. During this summer's land contracting several leases came up for renewal that maybe of interest to the overall membership. The first case were the landowners that demanded more money as they were told by members words to the effect: "Your land is the best (deer, turkey, quail, use the game of choice) ground that I have ever seen." Another member that harvested a quality buck from one leased property was reported as having "...told the boys at the meat locker..." which property it came from and the landowner told us that land and that of his neighbors was surrounded by road hunters the rest of the rifle season.

While we chose not to pay the increases demanded in all cases the cost to the Association was more than increasing the price of the land. That land which we did not renew must now be replaced and finding new land is always more time consuming than renewing existing leases.

4 Aug

Fishing. It seems our best fishermen have no $20,000 bass boats, but catch plenty of bass.

Here are a couple of decent fish we caught in a fairly remote lake. The one I have (far left) weighed just over 5lbs and was caught at night on a buzz bait. Andrew

Deer Tags. Thank you all that have been diligently attempting to FAX in a copy of your deer tag. The FAX is now working, 816-765-5464 and this requirement is for all non-residents, residents and all MAHA members planning on deer hunting in Kansas or Iowa this year.


July 2003 Updates

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