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1 August

Summer Birds
For those not following the central mid-west weather relative to summertime ground nesting bird survival we have had a much cooler summer to date this year than compared to last. We have had a lot fewer days this year above 90 and 100 than last so far this year.

  May Jun 
Highest T 87 90
Avg High 77.9 82.1
Dptr/Norm +3.3 -1.8
Lowest T 48 52
Avg Low 58.4 64.3
Dptr/Norm +4.5 +1.1

[added 2 Aug.] From weatherman Joe Lauria at Fox 4 Kansas City:
"Last year thru 7/31…39 days in the 90s and 100s…So far this year (not inc. today) 13 in the 90s…0 in the 100s."

One snapshot (table to right) into two critical months shows the ideal inverse of a warm May and cool June.

We also started this summer's warm season grass growing period with a surplus of deep soil moisture from mostly spring rains rather than winter snowfall. January through July 2006 we had 13. 5 inches of precipitation. The same period in 2007 we had 19.27.

Our past winter for the most part in all but one region was mild to the point of non-impacting on winter over survival.

With the heat of the summer at its peak right now, we thought it would be appropriate to post this photo taken on the way home from a frigid January bird hunt in Iowa.

Cut beans (field in the picture) are frowned upon by many hunters that are not familiar with the crops and feeding patterns of the animals in the Midwest. This bachelor flock of adult gobblers and pair of deer are scratching through the snow in below zero temperatures to feed on cut soybeans.

From Dave the Association's farthest away traveling duck hunter.

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