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4 August

Kids Fishing
A young man displaying his catch of the day from a recent fishing trip.

It's always good to see our next generation being introduced to the outdoors.

We're looking forward to seeing Quinn in the future with his first deer, turkey or upland bird.

3 August


With the cold weather the geese seemed to be feeding mid-afternoon so we set up accordingly. Had several small flocks circle but wouldn't commit so we adjusted our decoy spread.

It's amazing how small adjustments with the decoys and calling can make a difference. Again, we weren't able to bring in the flocks, but had good luck with singles and doubles.

Late season goose hunting is a cold weather sport that is easier to deal with at a young age.


"...for Gangwish’s expansion to take place, rules on restricted grazing on lands held for the federal government’s Conservation Reserve Program would have to change..."

Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Head Sees Opportunities For Expansion 08/02/2010 Cattle Network

"...Farm Service Agency State Executive Director Dan Steinkruger said the...USDA's Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is 'critical to the Nebraska environment and for a greener and healthier America.'..."

CRP sign-up critical to state's hunting future, Robert Pore, Grand Island Independent, August 1, 2010

Buddy Hunt List
It is time to update and send out the buddy hunt list. Those that want to be on it please call 816 761 3636 or email their name, hunt profile, if they have a dog and telephone number. All on the list will receive a copy. It is then up to those on the list to call similar profiled hunters and match up hunt dates. Good luck, it seems to work. We often see names matched up off the list on subsequent reservations.

Hang Tags
Hang tags are a problem. Too many Association hunters fail to display their hang tags. There is more value than the obvious showing other hunters it is an Association hunter that has parked a vehicle on that land. They reassure landowners that legitimate people are on their land. This includes non-seasonal periods (scouting) when landowners see strange vehicles parked on their land. Tags preclude landowners from calling the office to identify who is on the land and identifying that hunter as non-compliant to the Association.

Kansas and Iowa Deer Tags
Remember to call in 816 761 3636 or email what unit/zone and state tag you have. The payback to hunters is if we identify a unit or zone with higher than desired tag holders we cut off prospect applications if having those tags. This is tough to get cooperation on and we seen the effects of a lack of cooperation last year with unit 7/8 tags. We have weak indications to date unit 9 may be high this year. The more information gained makes for better decisions and hunt quality.

It seems a reminder is in order. A reservation is required as stated in the Association rules for all land access. This included putting out or taking in trail cameras, scouting and hunting.


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