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August 3

Linn County

Last weekend we disced the weeds and seeded some food plots on the north half of the east marsh in Linn County. We covered approximately 20 acres between blinds 1 and 4. Last year blind 4 was removed from the map since there was too much vegetation for a quality hunt. This year the blind 4 pool looks good and it’s planted to millet.

Linn County has had above average rainfall over the past 2 summers. Last year we had to replant two times and this summer it was too wet to work the ground until the last 2 days of July. Since we planted the millet there has been steady rainfall in northwest Missouri for the past 2 days. This is good for the millet unless Parsons Creek comes out of its banks. They are calling for more rain Friday and Sunday. We were planning to do the same on the west marsh but it will be too late in plant millet once the marsh dries out. We will have to settle for natural moist soil vegetation to feed the ducks on the west marsh.

Japanese Millet is not the top choice for waterfowl food plots but with all of the rain it has been the only way to go.

August 2

Buddy List

Every year we post a memo for anyone interested in hunting with other members to add their name on our Buddy List.

If you are interested in adding your name to the MAHA Buddy list email or call Susie at 816-761-3636 with the following information: Name, Phone #, Email, Address, Hunting Interest and yes or no if you own a Dog.

Over the years many lifelong friendships and business relationships have developed from members meeting and hunting with other members in the Association. The Buddy List and all info on the Buddy List will only be available to members on the Buddy List.

August 1 2 toms over the 2 or so weeks. I think I went 5 times total, maybe 4, may have gotten rained out once or twice. Always saw lots of turkeys. High number of jakes vs. toms. Probably 3:1 or even 4:1 ratio. Seems like it should be a promising season next year as well. Bill

Got this Tom in 10 minutes.


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