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2 December

Archery Deer
Shot this brute this morning in [location deleted]. I just green-scored him at 134 inches, but he'll be close on making P&Y because of the 11th point and a few other deductions.

I've been hunting him for over two weeks. I arrowed him less than 50 yards from the spot that I killed a 140 inch 8 pointer back on 18 November 2003 (my first year with MAHA). That was a memorable hunt, and this one was no less thrilling. I'm just glad to be back in the heartland after spending the last three years at Ft. Lewis, WA, with 18 of those 36 months in Iraq.

I had a mature 6 pointer (don't know why there wasn't more antler on his head) chase four does around my stand starting at 0730. At 0835, the wind had picked up, and I decided to climb down and head to work. I was unhooking my stand when a doe walked by at five yards. She looked back, ignored me, and then kept moving. I looked to see what was behind her and saw antlers bobbing through the brush. I got down on my knees, untied my bow from the lowering rope, knocked an arrow, and drew. He waltzed by at 20 yards, and from my knees and bare-fingered, I sent an arrow into his vitals.

It's been a ridiculous archery season with the worst weather I've seen, but this is the sixth deer I've killed hunting MAHA property in [location deleted] this season. Thanks, [name deleted]

Quail Hunter Feedback

" one hunter with a single short run dog it seems like we are capped off at four coveys a day...had not hunted this area in two years...two coveys were within shotgun range of where they were two years ago...found five other "new" coveys over the day and half hunt...thanks for the land..." BD

Thanks BD. For the rest of us this hunter has been a long time supporter of MAHA and given us consistent field reports over the years as well as the current season. His findings confirm a good portion of our earlier forecast. The bottom line is the birds are there for the hunting.

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