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2 December

...a picture of mine and Doc’s (Doc is a yellow pointing lab) first pheasant. We worked our butt’s off for that first one being we have had limited pheasant experience but we had a great time of it. Some MAHA members from Louisiana that we met at the motel gave us some pointers and helped us along on our endeavor. I am almost always impressed with the caliber of people whom we have for members. They were very nice to have been so helpful. John Wenzel helped me plan my route, it was a great way to have seen so much of the property in that fashion. Almost all the guys when I ask them how they have liked MAHA so far say something to the effect of “I wish I had found them 20 years ago” so I am happy that I found ya’ll so young in life. Thanks for your patience. Anthony

Thank you Anthony for your courtesy at sharing your happy looking dog and first pheasant harvest.

1 December

These are some pictures me and my dad took so far in the 2010 duck season. Matt

Thank you Matt. A special day with Dad and the rare chance for us to see a versatile dog.


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