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9 December

Park and Walk

Above is a photo taken by one of our hunters from blind 1 at Winkler's on a foggy morning after the fog lifted. What a surprise it must have been for both parties involved.

The truck was driven by a non-Association coon hunter at night that was trespassing. Fortunately, no one was injured.

We would like to display this photo as an example of what can happen if you attempt to drive unfamiliar terrain. All of our waterfowl levees are out of bounds for any type of vehicle traffic and if you use an ATV (wetlands map special instructions apply) we recommend to scout in the daylight prior to your first hunt.

For upland bird, deer and turkey we do not allow the use of ATV's and all vehicles must be parked on the road or inside a gate where it is not blocking farm machinery from entering or exiting the property.

Also, it appears we need to remind some that:

Conditions Of Membership paragrpah16 a (2) Park more than 200 yards away from any occupied dwelling.


14 year member Sam from 2013 season.

Thank you Sam.

6 December

Upland Birds

Hi, here is my 10 month old shorthair on her first hunt. Thanks, Lee

Thank you Lee.

Quail reports continue to hold at zero to four coveys per day.

Pheasant reports range from occasional daily limits to one in the bag in the better regions. No pheasants in the bag reports come from the lesser pheasant localities.

Weather continues to determine good and bad hunts. The early season above average temperatures now have headed the other direction. With most of the current hunters being locals they are waiting until late next week to get back in the field. The handful of traveling hunters in the field are finding it a bit tough right now. Snow ground accumulation is sparse.

Reservation counts continue to be higher than hunters found in the field. This observation is for all hunting disciplines, not just upland bird hunters. Overall, pressure has been on the light side. By this time of season we normally have encountered a higher number of hunters. This seems a contradiction to the membership level being just three shy of its cap. The snapshot analysis appears to be hunters while hunting this season are hunting fewer days than average.


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