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December 6

Travis and his best buddy.

Thank you Travis.

December 4

...One of the main things being, what a good deal Mid America is. I just want to say thanks for what you and your boys and the staff do to provide the opportunity for guys like me to go out and have fun in the woods and on the water. So much land, so little time...

Alan deer


Thank you for all of your feedback over the many years.

Conditions Of Membership

The occasional citation of a specific regulation from the Association Conditions Of Membership on this update page have been interpreted by some as presenting a negative attitude. It is correct Association rules are of a negative nature representing controls to adverse behavior. It is also true the Conditions Of Membership detail well how Association land is better than public. It has also come to discussion many times of hunters who have had their own small group buddy lease telling how it failed due to not having rules. No one has it their way all the time. The Association rules exits to protect and continue your Association as time/experience shown to be necessary.

Deer Hunters

Non-resident hunters are again tagging more than locals. A difference is locals scout more. Or, put more pressure on their favorite spots. Most non-residents if they did scout did so during spring turkey. Their deer spots have been left untouched until their arrival on their first hunting day.

December 1

We hunted 2.5 days and saw deer on each sit, plus I filled the freezer with doe tags. Thanks again for all that you do!



Thank you for the doe harvest. Always glad to see that!


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