February 2003 Updates

22 Feb

Spring turkey season is fast approaching and many of our hunters are planning their trips. The last several spring seasons have shown the most hunting pressure occurring the week to 10 days Kansas is open prior to the Missouri opener with hunters anticipating to tag quickly in both states. Each year several hunters are fortunate enough to do so, but the odds are against the hunter early in the season with cool weather and flocked up birds working to the birds favor.

Our Missouri leases have better turkey habitat and the total turkey population is much greater than Kansas. Iowa is a sleeper. Last season only two hunters hunted our leases, but that might change this season with upland bird hunters discovering the birds with their dogs. Only about 1/4 of our Iowa land has huntable turkey habitat, but what's available is good.

The bottom line to the inquires is when and where is the best time and places to hunt. For success and most available land we recommend the mid to latter part of the season when the weather is more predictable and the seasons overlap. If you are looking for an enjoyable hunt without the pressure of trying to fill tags in multiple states, Missouri is the state of choice. Also, historically the leases in all states are more productive further from the KC area since the land is more secluded from human population and activity.

20 Feb

Whitetail. See what Brent Sugg did.

15 Feb

Whitetail. Some of you may recognize this hunter. He is an Association hunter with much experience and proof of it.

14 Feb

Costs. Perhaps a little bit more clarity needs to be stated about our announced pending price increase. This increase is for future members and not for current members. Our system is a duality in that we separate membership cost increases based on current or future members.

Current members do have their membership annual dues increased when land contract costs force us to do so. These price increases are less than those for future members as future members costs anticipate inflation where as current member increases (when they occur) are based on actual costs.

13 Feb

Costs. Our earlier announced price increase schedule for February 15 is delayed until the end of the month due to having procrastinated and not having completed our end of year tax filing. Until we have an accurate year end total accounting we are not comfortable setting any price increase. We currently estimate the price increase to be a minimum of $75 and possibly as high as $100 across the board for all memberships and an additional (yet to be determined) increase for dependent family members.

11 Feb

Whitetail. A 14 year member with repeat success that has harvested several quality P&Y whitetails over the years.

6 Feb

Pheasant. Kenneth sent in a series of photos from a last week of the season hunt having traveld from his home in Arizona. Comments included several limit days on roosters and the best quail day was 5 in the bag.

Traveling Deer Hunter Perry added a detailed account of his second deer hunt this season along with a new picture. Shown here is a picture of his daughter holding the rack from one of this year's deer.


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