Februray 2006 Updates

25 Feb

A big thank you to Andy for sharing some exceptional deer pictures and the frustration of the hunt. A real deer hunting account of success and near success all so very common on wild hunts.

Reminder to all May is the month to apply for Kansas and Iowa deer tags. Look to the state website for deer tag applications by May 1.

Yellow Pages
The MAHA yellow pages has been getting frequent, but not regular updates. Campgrounds continue to be the most difficult to find and most that are listed have been at the courtesy of many good members reporting ones they have found. Most online and printed campground listings for rural areas have been notorious for inaccuracy.

23 Feb

Goose Again
From Mike and Colt:
"John, Attached is a photo that Colt took of a group of snow geese that were feeding on MAHA leased land. I would say snow geese could be hunted any where around ... Not much of a goose hunter (do not like to eat water fowl)..."

What better testimony of great members than upland bird hunters seeking to help out waterfowl hunters. Thanks Mike and Colt, generosity is always remembered.

Picture memories from this last season. Diver ducks receive little recognition from the average Midwest duck hunter, but the beauty of several species will rival the best of the puddle ducks. These are photos of a drake Bufflehead and a pair of Goldeneye. Diver ducks tend to frequent larger open water than puddle ducks, which puts them in a region of club land that is underutilized, but provides quality duck hunting for those willing to hunt on their own without a blind. Anyone who has encountered the whistle from the wings of a flock of Ring-Neck's or the erratic maneuvers from a flock of Bluebill's twisting through the wind will testify hunting diver ducks are the ultimate challenge for the duck hunter who enjoys fast action.

20 Feb

Snow Goose
Two spend a cold weekend with minimal preparation, small spread and come up with a good hunt.

Thank you to Al and Jon for the late season feedback.

Deer & Turkey
"...It's not the taking of game but the memories of the hunt that stick with you..."

Thank you Jeff for the the compliments and great feedback.

16 Feb

To All
Thank you to the many fine members that have contributed to this update page and to the many that have emailed their compliments and appreciation for it. It certainly is pleasurable to open the email in the morning and find several more and that we are falling behind getting them all posted. That keeps reminding us of all the good folks that make up the Association. We frequently hear from prospective members telling about how they ran into a member in the motel parking lot and found that member to have great regard for the Association. It all seems to work together. Keep the feedback coming, all get posted and as we have begun the land contracting process a new with earnest this time of year finds your MAHA staff racking up the landowner contact hours and road miles for the season ahead.

Typically by now over the past years we would have solicited member feedback on leases to be continued or dropped. To date we have much feedback, more than has been typical over the past years. If anyone has wanted, but not yet added their input now is the time to do so.

The text with the picture: Good note to end a warm January. Quail hunting has been on the up and down swing the last 10 years, but MAHA provides the quail hunter hundreds of farms in various regions of three states to choose from. On occasion, you will find unexpected pockets that had a good hatch.....but you have to put the miles on your boots to find them. PJ and Lucy work good together. PJ finds a lot of the coveys and Lucy works the singles real well.

Thanks Kevin for the picture that refreshes and frustrates.

A side note is that many of us locals complain when we find only four coveys while many non-residents having four coveys in one day would be the best day of the season in their home state. While we (locals) often are frustrated we need to remember just how good we have it out here. The older a member is it appears the greater the frustration as days of 7 - 8 coveys by lunch are the memories that seem more frequent in the past than the four covey all day long hunts we always seem to always have in the current season. With the very noticeable effort he FSA and NRCS is putting into the filter strip program the future can only be better.

That is enough commentary and now that the season is over we all should look forward to next year as we look over the fine pictures we took from this past season. For most of us there is at least one new picture for the wall and several for the album of many a fine dog.

Via email the message Steve sent: "John. Here are some pictures of my turkeys in the late Kansas season. This is my second year in the club. The club ground is great saw some good bucks during archery season. working on my brother to join. Steve"

Thanks Steve it is always god to see success in all forms.

15 Feb

Pheasant Hunting
"...I've attached a picture of our last day of hunting this year. As you can see from the lighting, we had our birds on the ground pretty early in the morning. Now if I could only hit the bobwhites, we'd really be in good shape..."

Thank you Charles for such a hunt quality statement. Charles has always been a hunter of class.

14 Feb

Late Goose
via email: John, Here are a few photos from our goose hunt Jan 23-26, 2006. My son and I harvested nine geese; three Richardson's, one Canada, and five giant Canadas. We had to work for the birds but it was a great time. It's always good to spend time with your kids in the field. Thanks for all your help. You do a great job. Take care Mark

Thank you Mark, your pictures over the years have made a great contribution to the website.

12 Feb

John and Jon,
Had a great late season hunt yesterday (January 29), the weather was perfect and it was a beautiful day. We got into 4 coveys and my young pup is still impressing me to no end. The farm we hunted was spectacular, a perfect mix of warm season grasses, crop fields and brushy draws. We only hunted about 30% of one section of land that is in this unit. Attached is a photo of the birds we harvested. All-in-all, one of the best days a field this year. Thanks again for the good work you guys do to put this together. Mike

Thank you Mike for the compliments and the good account. We agree to do that well at the end of the season your dog must be prime, congratulations!

10 Feb

The four of us who hunt together have killed 497 birds as of last Sunday. I killed the 11 birds in the pic at a MAHA pond in [location deleted] on Sunday morning. Not bad for the last week of season. 4 mallards, 2 ringnecks, 2 snows and 3 Canadas.

Thank you Al for showing what is possible for those willing to hunt. The rest of the story for Al is that he is an active duty Army officer that has longer work hours and more travel than most. For him to find the time to do this level of hunting is as hard or harder than what many have with 5 day/40 work hour week.

Late Goose
Late Season Goose Hunting, every year we have very few goose hunters take advantage of the season after the duck season closes. Several of our managed wetlands hold Canadas most years, but the overcast days we all look for to hunt snows and blues are sometimes few and far between. Hauling gear and decoys requires a lot of work, but it pays off for those willing to put in the effort.

5 Feb

Mule Deer
Greg from Arkansas sent in an excellent picture and hunting account.

Thank you Greg for a very unique set of feedback!

Fair number of members made it out for the last weekend of the season reporting largely separated by region and acknowledgment of dog power. For most it was well worth the final trip realizing the long year to come before the dogs will be running the fields again.

Pheasant Chronicles, an archive or history. Kenneth shows us one great archive of pictures now ranging seven pages showing a transition from waterfowl to upland birds; from retrievers to pointing dogs. All this while traveling thousands of miles, an Air Fore pilot with hours longer than most, raising two boys, being a husband and this year building a house. All men of any stature require some level of recreation and Kenneth makes the most of his.

Thank you for sharing this one snapshot example of some of the seemingly less important things in life that add much to life.

John sending you this picture of Mondays hunt. What a way to start a new season. After making two trips down to scout I set up before light and had six gobblers come by at 8:00am, this one made the mistake of stopping eight steps away from the blind. Your club is everything you've claimed it to be and with two turkeys this spring, one turkey this last fall, a nice buck and now this late season tom I'm proof of the good hunting opportunities that you provide to your members. Thanks Again Steve.

Thank you Steve for the great endorsement and compliments.

Two long beards and a trophy whitetail in one season deserves recognition as a top performance with a bow. Steve, as a first year member we wish you the best of luck for many years to come. Your relaxed attitude around trophy animals goes a long way with the staff.

Hunting Spouses
The Steen Team does it again leading the way for all deer and turkey hunting husband and wife teams.


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