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7 Feb

All We are still getting caught up with updates while shifting into the post hunting season - start of the leasing season mode, hence the apparent time lag between update contribution posting and date of occurrence. We, and it appears all those that read this update page, certainly do appreciate the pictures and letters being sent in and emailed by fellow members. It even appears other hunt providers find this page of regular interest. Thank you to all that have taken the effort and time to share their pictures and hunting accounts.

The updates that are posted to the update page are those that were sent in with intention for posting. Others, we may post internal to our web site and not the update page and many of routine nature we collect for management decisions without any posting. Those thinking of sending in feedback but have not due to not wanting their input posted to the update page should contribute towards their hunting association as one more effort to make all things as good or better than they are.

Went on a real good trip to central [location deleted]; quail hunted about 4 hours before it got too hot, 65 degrees at 11:40 a.m. Harvested 6 birds out of 3 coveys and found a shed to boot.

Thank you Mike and your update shows just how far behind we are at posting contributions.

For the rest of us Mike has been a member for a good number of years, frequently hunts alone, has some good dog power and always seems to be in the birds. He is also responsible for a good set of habitat pictures appearing in various locations within the web sites. His contributions have a significant value in they show another opinion besides the Association staff of what is good habitat. Mike is also one of the Association hunters that can be counted on for an objective evaluation of bird hunting quality.

5 Feb

Deer Hunt
I would, again, like to thank you and the MAHA staff for putting together such a great hunting association. I tasted deer success for the second year in a row. Last year, I had success in [location deleted] and this year, I had success in [location deleted]. You provided excellent advice in reference to where trophy deer were located (saw some good deer on a scouting mission). Unfortunately, I never got to hunt any of the land that you recommended. The first two days of my hunt, I hunted some land that I had scouted two years previously. On the first morning, I spotted a nice 5 x 4. I watched him for about 15 minutes and decided to pass on him since it was day one. I did not see any deer after that encounter in the morning. That afternoon, at about 2 PM, I stalked up on another 5 x 4 that was bedded down out of the wind. I got to within 50 yards and watched him until 415 PM when he stood up to feed. I decided to pass on him as well. I wanted to hold out for a 5 x 5 or bigger. At about 420 PM, a large bodied 5 x 5 walked out and challenged the 5 x 4. After the loudest snort wheeze that I have ever heard, the smaller bodied 5 x 4 decided to exit the area. At that time, I decided to harvest the 5 x 5. He definitely is not the biggest racked buck in [location deleted], but his body was huge. All of his tines were broken except for two. It will cost him some inches but the damage was minimal and gives him some great character. He had an eleventh point that was broken completely off the main beam. He also had some gouges in his back that were fresh. I would like to see the deer that decided to challenge this big guy. The temp was very cold (11 below wind chill) so the blood was frozen to his snout. I tried to wipe it off for the picture but failed miserably. Sorry about that. Anyway, thanks again for putting together such a great organization. I look forward to more success in the future. Let me know who I need to talk to about the landowner tag process. I am always interested.
[name deleted]

It is always good to work with good hunters, congratulations on your success. We wish you many more.

2 Feb

Quality Deer Management
Quality deer management on non-contiguous land within regions where state level QDM is not present is a futile effort. As a self guided deer hunter organization more MAHA deer hunters than average seek trophy quality racks passing on smaller bucks largely equaling out non-regulated regions. We also encourage doe harvest. Our large non-resident membership mostly does not harvest any doe seeking to maximize their trophy hunt. Travel distance and limited vacation time makes that a necessity as we all recognize there is far more work than recreational time. Many local members do harvest doe, and many more than one each season, for freezer meat and we encourage that harvest. We also practice what we encourage and pictured below is one of the two future MAHA owner/operators, TJ learning from an early age the nuances of hunting.

Trophy Deer

Each letter and picture sent in is both job satisfaction nd motivation to continue to do better for the Association hunters. Thank you for sending in your letter, it certainly is enjoyable.

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