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February 7

Dad's biggest buck to date!

big buck

Congratulations Gene!

deer standsTree Stands

It is in our rules and lease agreement with landowners all tree stands will be removed from MAHA leased land by the end of deer season (Jan. 15, 2017). We have had multiple calls from landowners and members of stands being left behind after the season and most are inexpensive ladder stands like the photo at right. Several landowners were confused they might be from trespassers and others consider old tree stands trash on their land. To fulfill our lease obligation all stands left behind on club property will be removed and disposed of.

As of 8-1-2017 we will require name tags attached to all tree stands placed on club land per request from our landowners.

February 5

From Tom.


Thank you for sharing.

February 2

Thanks for all the great hunts this year. The day before this picture was taken, the dogs and I moved 9 covies of quail. Notice I said "moved" because the dogs had a hard time and there wasn't much for pointing. The birds were very wild and it was extremely windy. Thanks again! Until next year... Scott


Thank you Scott.


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