February 2017 Updates Page 5

February 24

I was able to connect on a respectable buck. Joe.

That makes two for Joe in one season. His other is below. Congratulations.

February 22

Second year member Bryan and Gus on a late season 3 covey quail hunt. Bryan is one of our few 30 year old quail hunting members.


Thank you Bryan.


With a limited budget and higher than anticipated demand we are declining new member applicants for Iowa deer to maintain quality hunting for the Association.

Since we have been turning down potential Iowa deer members we would like to advise current members our resources are limited. Before you invest in an Iowa deer tag please understand we only have what we have and will not look for more land to accommodate an overflow of Iowa deer hunters.

February 26

I had to tell you about my first day on MAHA land [Saturday]. We talked on Thursday and you sent me my membership details. I logged on that night and checked on some areas...

I called the office on Friday and made sure I understood everything and then made my online reservations...

I grabbed my fishing pole...

[after some scouting] logged on to my surface and changed my reservation [to fishing]...

The first pit had virtually no access from the bank. I made it to the 2nd pit and it only had a small area to access. I decided make a couple cast anyway. The pictures will tell you about my day.

Couldn't have asked for a better day. Thanks for the opportunity. Dustin


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