January 2006 Updates

30 Jan

Deer season has begun with folks planning on scouting starting in February through the end of spring turkey season. A reminder of the rules. Scouting is by reservation only. We have a minority of seasonal leases that may not be available for scouting at all times of the year. We also have land on the delete list for this year and a reservation is the means by which members ensure they do not spend time on a property about to be dropped.

When scouting outside of a season the entire unit of property per unit is available to scout. During any season and the week before spring turkey begins the prime turkey hunting properties are off limits to scouting and are only available for turkey hunting. A quality hunt issue that receives extra attention.

28 Jan

Upland Birds
With another season about to close it's nice to look back at some of our photos to remember exactly what occurred leading up to and after the photos were taken.....Jada and Brooke are 2 Setters that can keep up with the best of the pointers on quail, but able to settle down and work close when switching over to pheasant. Bob, thanks again for taking the time to take photos during the season.

The same members seem to be heading out on most of the weekends with few new folks venturing out for some goose hunting. Most have been going it alone and most report some good to very good and quick hunts. The same hunters also report days they didn't do well at all and they keep hunting. In any regard it is better out there than in the house!

Here are some tidbits from those willing to share their photos.

For anyone willing to dedicate themselves to the task...the photo of this goose with the neck band was taken off a pond bordering club property. Thanks JJ.

Many of the ponds on our bird hunting leases in both Kansas and Missouri are being used by Canada Geese. With the warm weather, the birds have been most active late in the afternoon. Jim W. sent us a photo from a recent hunt. He recommends to glass the birds from your vehicle and make your move to hunt once you locate a pond or lake they are using.

Typical of late season goose hunting, this flock circled the decoy spread in good shooting range and chose to land in the middle of the lake out of range. JJ again, thanks.

A flock of snows and blues using a pasture field during the late goose season under very little hunting pressure White Geese are very difficult to decoy into shooting range. Scouting to determine their feeding and roosting patterns greatly enhances the hunters ability to harvest birds. Thanks Alan.

Every year a percentage of land sells, changes hands through the family or for some unexpected reason ends up in the hands of a new person or party to manage. It is our job to keep on top of these transitions and make every attempt possible to continue our relationship or develop a new relationship with the next person in charge. This transition can be very delicate dealing with the next generation or group with new thoughts or ideas of the future of the hunting on their land. In this case a son and daughter inherited a farm that has been leased to the club for a long time after the death of their father. Jon and Bruce met with the new owners, walked the parameters of the land, discussed issues with the neighbors and talked about future habitat developments on their land. All went well as we plan to expand on future habitat developments which will begin soon.

For the next couple of months we will be meeting with existing landowners and prospective landowners that have contacted us in the past to improve the land and make the hunting even better for the 2006 season. We apologize for not being in the office to answer calls in person every day, but please be assured we will answer our messages as soon as we return. Thanks for another enjoyable season!

Jon, John and Shaun

23 Jan

Turkey Quail Pheasant
Bird hunters try to beat that. Kansas allows fall turkey hunting by dog and a few shoot turkey off of dog points. Thanks Andrew for a very unique picture.

This post script update is intended to address the myriad of members and backgrounds that read this update page and clarify any confusion.

Reference the earlier update on waterfowl, Henry County duck lakes and dog off limits, we believed all would automatically understand that trapping is a regular part of wetlands maintenance to keep in good order the thousands of dollars we have invested in levees.

What is not permissible is generalized trapping by members or any others on the land we lease.

An example of when traps have been found on leases in the past, a neighbor has crossed property lines and traps on Association leases and when found the landowner is contacted as we cannot allow such activity. One similar case occurred this year where a member found leg hold traps on a lease and when the landowner was contacted the landowner, whom we have worked with for a long time, was surprised by the information and expressed convincingly he did not and would not give anyone permission to trap. This land and landowner did not have any past performance record to indicate anything other than compliance with the written lease contract. The landowner stated he would assist with ensuring the traps were pulled. This is a case where the world is not perfect, we know what we want and we work for it the best as can be made possible.

22 Jan

"For the record, we walked from 10:00 am until 4:30 pm and found 4 coveys and maybe one other that was scattered. We literally saw 75 to 100 turkeys while we were hunting and the best was 10 deer crossed the road running into land that borders club land and 5 of them were bucks. One was a shooter that next year will be a real nice 8 pointer and the other was a non-typical that will be a true trophy for anyone."

Upland Birds
Ken sends in a picture essay of the best from his season hunting with buddies Don, Dan and Frank.

Thank you Ken for showing the highlights.

Father and son team up for another hunt showing us several seasons of fishing and hunting adventures that we all enjoy seeing happen. Thanks Mike and Colt for another picture and hunting story, they all seem like good times.

We currently have a professional trapper trapping the duck lakes in Henry County to keep a handle on the beaver and muskrat damage to the levees. He will be running traps until Mid-March, so the lakes in Henry County will be off limits to dogs. As always, make a reservation before scouting. Several of the leases are closed for any type of off season usage.

21 Jan

"...Biggest deer I have ever..."

Thanks Joe for showing us what can be done. Joe has accomplished his hunting success while not under the best of circumstances and with an exemplarily patients some may find hard to match.

"...the big buck I've been looking for ..."

Thank your Roger for the great series of pictures through the years and hunting accounts. All should note that Roger takes the extra step and harvests doe as well.

Upland Bird
We saved this one until the near end of the season as a motivator to those that may think they have had enough and are not planning to hunt anymore. This is Holly that travels a fair distance to bird hunt. She has made two trips to date, one alone and one with her husband. They are planning a third trip as well.

Thanks Holly for the great feedback and reminding everyone it is the hunt not the birds.

The duck seasons are closed in Missouri, Kansas an Iowa right now, but Canada Geese are open as follows; Missouri North Zone until January 29th Middle Zone January 31st Kansas until February 12th Iowa closed.

Again, this year the snow goose season has been extended. Missouri and Kansas are open until April 30th, Iowa is January 16 through April 15. There is no limit in Missouri and Kansas. The daily limit in Iowa is 20 with no possession limit. Electronic calls and unplugged guns are allowed in all three states.

We have hundreds of fields to hunt geese, but it's up to the hunters to locate them on their own. Their feeding and flight patterns change so much, it's impossible for us to follow them sitting in the office.

If you have any questions please call MDC 816-655-6250, KDWP 620-672-5911or IA DNR 515-281-5918.

13 Jan

Some Florida members and duck hunters with one day's results.

A picture showing some of the cover that made shooting tough. The rest of the message paraphrased found enough coveys...just couldn't hit them.


The quail were slim but did find a field the geese were using to make a good day.

9 Jan

From a regular contributor with very limited free time as an active duty Army officer telling about his pheasant hunt:

"...Not bad for an 11 month old pup..."

Very fine pictures Joe and good luck with the rest of the season.

Too many want far too much success than is reasonable to expect on hunts.

A short note from one very successful hunter that did not fill a tag included such comments: "...I did manage to pass on 4 bucks that would have made the P&Y..."

Thanks to Jeff and Bill who were willing to take a chance found a good hunt.

"...monster 10pt walked right up to my spread, a mere 22 yds,...largest racked buck of my life..."

To All
We have more updates to come as soon as we can get through the emails. For those that have sent theirs in thank you very much and please be patient with us as we try to get to them as quickly as we can. Each and every one makes MAHA better and keeps the land process running.

6 Jan

New member price increase will most likely happen in March 2006, the first for new members in 3 years. The amount of the increase is yet to be determined and will be based on recent years increasing land costs.

Quail hunters continue to report a mix of bird finding reports. The ones that send pictures in are more frequently the ones with high power downwind edge running quail specialist dogs that cover ground far more than other dogs. This dog is well known to us and on the tail side of prime with her best hunts outside of other dogs. She may find an upstart partner next year to make up for her declining years soon to come. In any regard, one dog, one hunter and 8 in the bag is a good hunt and it did take all day long from the story that came with the picture.

The high power quail dog owners are also the most lean hunters to be found and because of that typically hunt alone. As a general late season rule the feedback from these hunters has been along the lines ranging from not finding a covey all day, to finding a covey 2 out of three truck stops and between 2 and five miles of walking. A couple of days during the season most found a farm with two or more coveys. All agree that quail hunting to be the most physically demanding of all their outdoor pursuits. The owner of this dog we hunted with one time and that was enough as we prefer a slower paced hunt.

"Didn't see a bird until mid afternoon. 4 coveys, only took 8 birds and covered a lot of ground. It's sure nice to have the number of farms to cover over the course of a full day."

Thanks Kevin for the picture and feedback.

Reminder that Iowa quail closes January 31, Missouri January 15 and Kansas January 31.

Traveling Deer Hunter
Gary from Tennessee adds two more to his collection.

Thank you Gary for showing how repeat success can be achieved even on a limited time schedule.

Kansas Deer
Reference the previous update on the KDWP plan to overhaul the deer hunting regulations a point that came up with member feedback concerns money vice QDM. Kansas state meaning the KDWP, its commission and the state legislature past performance has been to create regulations that enhance the likelihood of non-resident hunter dollars being spent over that of QDM. This is in spite of the isolated efforts of several experienced and knowledgeable members of the KDWP well oriented towards quality hunting. The political appointed commission, KDWP director and the state legislature orientation is all about money forgetting the greatest enhancement to the non-resident deer hunter being quality racks. The point to this intro is that the non-resident do it yourself hunter has the ability to influence the outcome of the current Kansas deer hunting regulation overhaul by informing the KDWP and state legislature what characteristics about Kansas deer hunting will most likely influence their return for a Kansas hunt over that of other states, hence spend more non-resident dollars in Kansas.

2 Jan

Youth Hunts
Jon, Thanks for the great places to hunt. We found a CRP field with wheat stubble in it and it really held the birds. I don’t know if I have ever seen this many birds in a field before. My son and my 12 year old Golden really enjoyed the hunting! Steve Thanks Steve we always like to see the youth pictures, nothing finer!

Almost a limit. Not every day is a limit day and in this case:

"...water was 90% frozen...plenty of ducks, but not where we were...tough to call in..."

Thanks to John for the feedback and good pictures.

Jon: We have a great time at the [location deleted] blinds this season. We have very productive days and wonderful memories. I have attached a few pictures from blind 2. Thanks again for a great duck season. Ben

Thank you Ben and Robin, Ben is pictured with the Pintails and his unnamed hunting partner.

A father and son traveling from Vermont for their annual central mid-west deer hunt. Thanks Kevin for the good feedback, congratulations to Ian!

Hi John,
Attached is a picture of my first bow kill deer with MAHA in [location deleted]. I should've waited a few more days, I saw some bigger deer later on. I had a great two week hunt. My hunting partner waited for the bigger ones, but could not get them close enough. Can't wait until next season. We are planning on doing some scouting in the spring. Are there areas in [location deleted] that are over looked by deer hunters that we could focus on? Please advise.

Thanks Steve for the picture and feedback, check your email for some spots.


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