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2 January

Happy Holidays from Rex, Deb and Austin [last name deleted], Indiana.

Finally got some time to write in about our deer hunting trips to [location deleted].

We started in [location deleted] at one of my long time favorite spots. My wife and I set up camp in a conservation area close to the lease on Thursday evening. On Friday we picked up our son at the KC airport and went out to the field to set stands. Got all that done and retired to warm tent, discussed morning strategies and hit the sack. Anybody considering buying a wall tent, I would highly recommend the Cabela's Alaknak version in the 12 x 20 model with a wood stove, it is awesome and roomy, and warm with the stove.

My son Austin had the time of his life the first morning when a very nice 8pt had his full attention at first light. As it turned out he said he rattled him in from a couple of hundred yards out, he got a clean shot off with the deer closing the distance quickly at about 94 yds. The deer went down within 50 yds of where he shot at him. Immediately after the shot, Austin called me on the radio, and was noticeably excited beyond anytime I had seen him before. His voice was shaking, saying "dad, I just shot at a monster 8pt, and I saw him go down, I'm shaking so bad". I replied back, "You got your safety belt tight?" A shaky "yep", came back. After everything had settled down in a couple of hours, we all went over and retrieved the buck.

Back at the camp that night while I was laying in my bed, I thought to myself about that one commercial I have seen on TV, license 145.00, gun 600.00, plane ticket 125.00, hunting clothes and gear 350.00, membership fees 1500.00, Spending time with your wife and son in God's beautiful outdoors and experiencing memories like this is priceless. The events and conversations of that morning will never be forgotten.

Meanwhile, my wife and I are trying to fill our tags as well. This was Debbie's first year deer hunting after spending many years back home while Austin and I go off and do our thing. We hunted until Tuesday noon, and she took Austin back to the airport for his trip back home. We spent the rest of the week passing up some smaller bucks until the last evening when I suggested she fill her tag on a 'management buck'. A 2 year old spike buck gave us a good 75 yd shot and she did a wonderful job executing a perfect shot with her 270. The deer dropped in its tracks and her first trophy was official, a two point spike with about 8" horns. It may not have been a monster rack and all that, but it was a special moment between us when we stood together looking at her first ever deer, it was a trophy in our eyes.

I failed to fill my [location deleted] tag, but I the time of my life being with my family helping them fill their tags. We donated Austin's buck to the local locker where he in turn donates to the needy. Debbie's buck was given to some fine people we met while camping in the area, just as we did during the bow season with the buck I killed in the north part of the state. We had a fun trip driving back home talking about the radio conversation that Austin was putting on the airwaves about taking his nice buck. It seemed we barely got unpacked at home and were packing back up to head back down for the [location deleted] opener.

My wife and I arrived back down to [location deleted] and tent camped again in a public use area just a couple of miles from our section we had reserved. And again we met some nice locals who were also camping on the same property and deer hunting in the area. We all shared some stories around the campfire, and prepped our gear for the opening morning hunt.

When morning arrived, it was terribly windy and I knew the deer movement would be very slow. I sat until 11 am, and called my wife to come and pick me up at the road. Not one deer had been spotted that morning but good news, the winds were letting off for the afternoon hunt which was encouraging. I have been hunting for 25 plus years and every year I have something new happen, and this was it.

I decided to hunt over a feeding doe decoy placed in the middle of a secluded flat bean/wheat field about 100 yds out in front of me. I placed small stick in the tail area and hung a 'doe in heat' scent bomb on the stick, the scent was blowing towards some nice thick cover where the deer like hide. I thought that if the wind would carry the scent to the cover, and if a buck caught the smell, he might step out of his comfort zone of the thick brush and proceed out into the field after the hot doe which he could see. Much to my surprise that is exactly what happened and I found a new friend in that doe that had been up in my attic for several years.

He came out into the field directly down wind from the decoy, probably 100 yds away from the decoy and 'locked' on the doe. This kept his attention on the middle of the field and not on my location, I was free to move around in the stand and ready myself for a 175 yd shot. I squeezed it off, and the buck fell right in his tracks. I called my wife on the cell to come and bring the vehicle and the cart to help me get the buck. He was an impressive heavy horned 12pt, with a somewhat narrow spread; we rough scored him at 152. He was my first buck ever over a decoy.

This was a very memorable season being with my son taking a nice buck, my wife taking her first deer ever, and me getting another trophy for the wall. We all enjoyed the club this season having some great hunts, meeting some new people in our camping trips, and enjoying some beautiful sunsets that our Creator so wonderfully created.

Thanks again to the staff, and to Jerry who took many of my calls and was very pleasant to talk to every time.

Best wishes and happy holidays to all club members.

Sincerely, Rex, Deb, and Austin [last name deleted]

The Other Side
"[PETA founder] founder and president, Ingrid Newkirk commented...even if animal experimentation would help find a cure for aids she would be against it!...It is easy to be principled when your life is not impacted...."
nimal rights activists dangerous to our society?, by Kathi Travers [a well demonstrated animal lover], January 01, 2008, Opinion 250, Voice of the North, Price George, British Columbia.

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