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2 January

Kansas Mix, Pheasant and Mule Deer
Matt and Jim enjoying an early season pheasant and later Mule Deer hunt.

Thanks guys for the good pictures. Always like to see the dogs.

Kansas Deer
No news in this article for MAHA deer hunters. It more shows the range this information is known across the nation

"...'There aren't many places in the country that have the bucks that Kansas does,' said Manca, who lives in Danbury, Conn. 'We have deer in Connecticut, but they don't survive long enough to grow big racks...Kansas has become known as 'the Land of Giants.' Once a secret, the Sunflower State now is nationally known for its trophy bucks... So far this year, four deer have been taken that should rank in the state's top 20 all-time archery lists...Wide-open farm country broken only by wood lots and strips of timber along waterways once wasn't considered prime deer habitat. But it is now. Access to a steady supply of food in the form of crops, good genetics and limited hunting pressure..."

Kansas producing big deer State's low hunting pressure leads to large trophy bucks Brent Frazee - The Kansas City (Mo.) Star, Jan. 1, 2009.


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