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31 December

John here r some pictures of my latest deer I harvested in [location deleted]. I was on a three day hunt with my buddy Bryan. We seen a great number of deer on this trip and gives a good perspective of things to come hopefully over the next few years. We had cold weather and snow which made it awesome and I always wanted to harvest a buck in the snow. Over our 3 days hunting the weather warmed slightly every day but to my surprise buck movement was still good with sightings starting around 4:30 each evening. I was able to b pretty selective and pass numerous bucks before the last evening when this guy came out around 4:30 with other deer. I was able to make a good shot and a quick recovery. Looking back on this year I really am lost for words. It seemed like I was where I needed to b a lot of days and caught some good luck along the way! I've deer hunted all my life and I understand the hard work that goes into killing a mature buck! But to kill three mature bucks in three states the same year well I rather b lucky than good anytime! This deer scored just over 140 my biggest [location deleted] buck yet! On this trip I seen 60 plus deer 9 gobblers 3 covey of quail and a couple coyotes just an awesome time to be out in the woods when most people watch football. Like to give a special thanks to u guys for putting up with us hunters and having the patience to push thru, y'all do a great job! Thanks for helping me with my most successful year of deer hunting yet! Sincerely Jamie

The earlier Jamie on the 27 November 2014 update.

Again on 2 December 2014 update.

Wow, we agree no words to describe such spectacular success. Congratulations. On a year there was much complaining about deer numbers.


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