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January 5

I went with Bryce and we shot our limit of Canada's (2 out of 6 were banded) by 10:30 and easily would of limited out another person if they were there. They seem to be finally here in the big numbers! They didn't start flying until 9 but once they did it was game on! Jacob

Jacob Canadas

January 3

Wanted to thank all of you for the work that you do that makes days like the one my daughter and I had yesterday possible! We put up a trail cam out in August and caught this guy by chance on our camera. Luck was on our side again as we finally laid our own eyes on him. My daughter had become frustrated with the bow and convinced me to get her a muzzle loader tag. We started off in our bow stands as I was still trying to get my first bow kill. There was no action at all in this area so we opted to move to a spot that we could overlook an area we had watched some doe in earlier via binoculars. Using an overgrown drainage terrace as cover we were able to move in close to the location undetected. Upon arrival we saw nothing but within ten minutes the buck comes out and crosses the creek in front of us and offers about a 90 yard shot. It all happened so fast that we were in awe and didn't know that it was the trail cam buck at all. This realization did not hit us until we put our hands on it and lifted the rack out of the snow and saw the drop tines! Once in a lifetime deer for a 16 year old girl and one extremely happy Dad. Thanks again for all you do! James



Great story. Congratulations Alyssa on a special shot. Thank you for sharing.


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