July 2002 Updates

July 18
Your Association website webmaster is taking a couple of weeks to Walleye fish Lake Erie. The updates will resume upon his return. For now this will be the last for a while. Emails and telephone calls from this website will continue to be responded to on a daily basis.

The buddy hunt list is completed and everyone on it should receive a copy in the mail. If crappieyou do not get one in the next week call Jennifer and she'll get one out to you.

July 17
Tailgating, MAHA style. A break from fishing. What could be more relaxing than a day on the water away from state park crowds and personal watercraft buzzing around with beer drinking operators? MAHA style is a place and day where hearing the quiet is only broken by bird calls and the splash of fish on the line. Is it any wonder why this fisherman is smiling? Jerry Cordonnier, a member since 1982.

July 15
catfishLong time member Larry Wise sent this picture in of a 42 pound flathead he caught off the Neosho River in Coffey County, Kansas back in 1991. Larry told us the best day is one that is hot and/or after it rains with the river up.

And the kids keep fishing.


For those of you that knew him, Galen Cope recently passed away after a long battle with cancer. Galen was one of, if not, the best quail hunters in the history of the Association. He joined the Association in 1975. We will miss him as he was always a happy hunter regardless of the bird population.

bassJuly 11
Steve sent is some nice bass photos and a letter telling how some days are good and some fishing days are better. Not too many folks will say there is such a thing as a bad fishing day.

July 8
The buddy hunt list is getting nearly daily updates from fellow hunters. The ones highlighted in olive green are those that have reconfirmed their preference to find a partner. A comment from one hunter on the list was that he had not been called by anyone. We have heard this before. If you're on the list you should call everyone of similar hunting interest. Don't wait for the other guy to make the first move.

July 5
deerGo fishing and find a shed. The base was 7 1/8th's in. G-2 14 1/4 and G-3 12 ΒΌ again, assuming it had a 20 inch spread it would score gross 188 and net 178. The best thing about this shed is it came from a state you don't have to draw a tag and is in a region not known for record book deer.

There have been a couple of questions regarding the Kansas "Firearms Whitetail Either Sex" tag that allows hunting with a muzzleloader in September and a rifle in December and the "Firearms Any Deer" tag that is only for rifle deer hunting in December. In the case of the former, "Firearms Whitetail Either Sex", members may at their discretion hunt either one or both seasons.

The answer why there are two tags seemingly the same is the "Any Deer" allows the harvest of Mule or Whitetail on the same tag where as what may seem obvious now the "Firearms Whitetail Either Sex" is for whitetail only. These tags are also separated by deer management units with the "Any Deer" tags in those regions of the state where Mule Deer populations exist.

Kansas muzzleloader hunters note that fiber optic sights are now legal, a change from last season.

Several more folks have thrown in their name to be added to the buddy hunt list. The key factor of teaming up with others is to coordinate early. Matching up vacation days is the most reported difficult aspect. The buddy hunt list may always be accessed through the link at the bottom of this page.

Thank you to the many that have called in to assist with duck blind work this fall. We will take as many as that want to volunteer as a single blind crew is best with at least 4 folks. With 34 + blinds it will take several such crews over several weekends to get the job done.

July 3
duckThe Buddy Hunt List has recently been added to. For the folks that have been on it for a while please reconfirm your desire to be listed, email. The most recent addition has been Mark Ortinau a very prolific waterfowl hunter who also has a dog. From the pictures Mark has sent in there is no doubt that hunting with him will be enjoyable. This picture is from one of his greenhead hunts.

Waterfowl Update
We thought anyone interested in waterfowl hunting would like to know We are in the process of shuffling a couple of the waterfowl blinds and experimenting with the idea of flooding a couple of new marsh areas.

The landowner in Holt County Unit A is building several levees running both north and south and east and west in an attempt to flood over twice the surface acreage of the entire marsh at a consistent depth comparable to the pool in front of blind #1 from last year.

Last year, the water was spilling over the south and west levees which made the water level on the north and east side of the marsh too shallow for the ducks to work. Also, the long stretch of irrigation pipe will be eliminated and replaced with steel pipe buried under the levees to allow the water to flow from the pump to each separate pool without the view of the white irrigation pipe.

At this time, we are planning to have a total of 4 blinds over 45 to 50 surface acres of flooded corn stubble with a couple acres of standing corn left for the ducks in front of each blind.

Our next project will be to move the blinds from Henry County Missouri Unit G to Nodaway County Missouri Unit B and Bates County Missouri Unit D. Henry G has been inaccessible during wet times and un-huntable during dry times so we feel it will be to our advantage to move the blinds to other locations that are guaranteed water on proven flyways.

We are also in the preliminary stage of developing a marsh area on the Missouri River bottoms between Iatan and Leavenworth. This property will have to naturally flood but it is in a natural low area that stays wet and is surrounded by crop. If everything works as anticipated it will be capable of supporting two blinds or wade-in areas.

In Henry County Missouri we did not drain any of our lakes except Frog's Lake. We have a cut in the levee from floodwater washing out a beaver dam that needs to be repaired. We are planning to plant a mixture of millet and milo by the 10th of July and hope for rain.

This fall in Cass County Unit A, all of the lakes will be available for waterfowl hunting. We are planning to build 2 to 3 blinds. We are also discussing with the possibility of pumping a 40+ grain stubble field in Section #1, but this might be postponed until next season because it will entail some dirt work and the landowner doesn't want to damage his crops.

Over the years many of the avid waterfowl hunters have given feedback to increase the amount of wade-in areas and cut back on the number of blinds. We have done this the last couple of years, but once the cold weather arrives the tough wade-in hunters are the first ones standing in line for the best blinds, leaving the wade-in areas unused. We've come to conclude this has been a loosing proposition. We will always have an adequate amount of wade-in areas and fields for goose hunters to hunt on their own, but the expensive lakes and marshes on the main flyways will require blinds to get the proper amount of usage to justify the cost of the leases.

If you are interested in helping with duck blind building and covering blinds please call Jennifer or email us to begin a list right now to avoid scrambling at the last minute as we have done in the past with some folks missing out on this fine experience.

Non-Resident Landowner Deer Tags
We are in the process of gathering the non-resident landowner deer tags that were purchased prior to the drawing from the landowners, but it will take at least one more week. Until we physically get the tags in our possession we don't want to promise anything.

From the data collected we were successful drawing firearms permits, but not all of them will be a first or second choice. The archery tags were tough and at this point we know of only one or two that were drawn, but again, we need to get the tags in our hands before we can promise anyone anything.

If there are any leftover firearms tags we feel the best way to distribute them will be through a random drawing to those that pre-paid for tags and didn't get drawn. Any leftover firearms tags after the drawing will be posted on our update page for sale. We do not have any leftover archery deer permits available.

bassJuly 2
Non-resident Kansas bow hunters reminder the second Saturday in November every year is the upland opener. For those planning on bow hunting that weekend some regions in Kansas the motels are fully booked well in advance of that date. To avoid having to stay in a location farther away from your hunting spot than you would like to drive make your lodging reservation now.

July 1
A great day fishing between grandfather and grandson produced bass, crappie and catfish.


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