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2 July

Deer Scouting
Jon,....came back the second time...attached are some pictures from my motion camera...not all are good as the camera was low cost and is old....same spot between two fields for 10 days...some good racks for June...saw deer each time walking in...Gary

Thanks Gary, it is always good to see what is out there. We agree it makes standing stand easier.

Deer & Turkey Hunters
Jon, John, and Shaun,
Finally getting around to sending some pictures from turkey season. Between the three of us Jeremy, Nick, and I, we got three turkeys. All mature gobblers with one of Nick’s being double bearded. Living in Kansas Nick had more time to hunt and he got two really nice birds. I was with him up in [location deleted] when he got the double bearded one. I hunted two days in [location deleted] but did not kill a turkey there. Nick and I got to hunt together and that was really fun. I probably would have gotten a turkey but we were trying to get it on video and the turkeys were camera shy!! I did get a big old gobbler in [location deleted]. Also Jeremy and I met Ralph, Randy, and Robert from South Carolina. They are great guys. We would have visited more but there was hunting to do!

I saw and heard a lot of turkeys but they seemed harder to get to come to calling than in years past. Had some good weather days and some very stormy rainy days also. Overall we all three had a great time every time out. Even though Jeremy did not get a turkey (and I am not going to let him forget it any time soon) He got in on some good gobbling action.

Everything with reservations, maps, and such went very smooth. Thanks for all the hard work everyone at MAHA does so all I have to do is hunt. Jeremy and I applied for Iowa bow tags with two preference points each so I really hope to get tags this year!
Thanks, Greg

Thanks for the compliments Greg. It is easy to work with good folks.

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