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1 July

Season Starts
It seems for many that time is going slower the closer we get to opening day. We all know there is plenty of good hunting all season long. There is just that extra motivation to get out as early as we can. Deer hunters build that anticipation with scouting. Bird hunters with past pictures of special days.

From Mike.

Storm pointing, Monty Jack backing.

Golden for several reasons fields of Kansas.

Scudder Scout.

Senior citizen of the crew.

Monty Jack on back. He is a first season pup.

No beepers, no bells.

Scudder Scout on point, honored by Monty Jack.

Thanks Mike.

Iowa Pheasant

"...individuals to release pen reared Chinese ring-necked pheasants on their own land...The law was approved by the Iowa Legislature in response to record low pheasant numbers...."

DNR to allow release of pheasants, AP, June 30 2010, Chicago Tribune


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