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17 July

For those that cannot, Jeremy sends in some recent scouting pictures.

Deer scouting

[Some will look at all the green and say where is the drought? This area is in the drought zone. The misconception many have of a drought is that all plant life is dead and brown. Drought does not mean that life has come to an end. The sharp eye that has experience with soybean will look at the rows and see they are not filled in as they would be on an average rainfall year. There is plenty of wildlife food and protective cover. Just not as many bushel of beans per acre as an average year.]

"...I saw a lot of deer the first evening, and had 5 bucks come out, three of which were decent young bucks. One had a double main beam, and the other was a nice 8 that had main beams that come all the way around and nearly touch...

...This one [lease] actually lays very well for hunting. The back inside corner drops down into a little valley and makes a perfectly secluded little haven for the deer to feed in. I'd have never seen it if I hadn't got out and walked the whole damn property that morning. But as soon as I saw it, as exhausted and hot as I was, I knew it was a sweet spot. Plus the property to the south was planted full of corn. It's set up to be a perfect spot for early season this year. I got on a high point in the beans that evening and had deer coming out all around me all night...

...There wound up being several nice bucks and two good ones. The 10 that came out really surprised me. That one would certainly work for me. After he fed a bit, he walked back into the corn beyond the tree line. A short time later, a very nice 8 point walked out of the same spot the 10 went in. He wound up working his way toward me, but I lost light fast and couldn't get real good photos of him..."

Look at some more of Jeremy's pictures.


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