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20 July

Middle Zone Wetlands
Henry County has been extremely dry this summer but as of July 19 we are still holding water on several large bodies of water we chose not to drain.

Missouri wetlands

A view from the east facing west of Henry D. The wade-in area is dry but the east side of the lake bed is holding adequate water. As we mentioned earlier we have plans to clean some brush to open up the wade-in area. Once again, volunteers for this project are more than welcome. Please call Jon Jr. at the office if you are interested.

A view from the north facing south of Henry A, Winkler’s Lake. Beaver burrowed through the dam and dropped the water level a couple of feet. The leak was repaired and we're looking forward to rain in the near future.

A view from the south facing north of the slough at Winkler’s Lake. It has been 10 plus years since we've seen the slough completely dry. We took advantage of this opportunity to work the ground with a 4-wheeler and harrow to plant millet for the ducks this fall.

A view from the south facing north of Henry C. As dry as it has been this summer a water source like this will be a valuable asset this fall.

Many duck clubs and individuals depend on pumping water. We are fortunate to have several intake pipes that will take water as fast as it is available, without a pump.

Waterfowl Strong
Just in case anyone out there has not yet seen the reports from the North American Duck Breeding Population Survey here is one more second hand article:

"The North American population of mallards, the mainstay species for Missouri waterfowl hunters, is estimated at 10.6 million this year. That is up 15 percent from 2011 and 40 percent above the LTA."

See for the entire article http://www.news-leader.com/article/20120719/LIFE06/307190033/duck-population-survey-Missouri?nclick_check=1

We keep the online Association hunting lease maps up to date. That does not mean they are "final" at any give point in the year. Leasing land is not that easily confined in one set of absolute start and end dates. Before scouting or hunting check to insure you have the current map. Lease land contract end dates do extend to the end of any current season. Land may be dropped at the end of a season such as at the end of the January seasons. Exceptions have been landowners that went bankrupted or died during a hunting season. Often in these cases their land ownership changes quickly as with a son inheriting his father's land. In such cases we are not always able to sustain the hunting rights. New land is what is often missed. It has been that new land has come to us during a hunting season. That is rare. What is a more common map issue is a hunter misses updating his entire personal map collection with one or more maps. Occasionally, one map is out-of-date from the previous year. Simple mistakes such as having a single out-of-date map sheet has resulted in two Association hunters ending up on the same lease at the same time. Another recent case a hunter was found on land no longer under lease. In both cases the cause was possession of out of date maps by the hunter. In each case the day was ruined for all involved. Something none of us should want to happen. We are diligent at making the best hunt quality as possible. It is also the requirement the efforts of the entire Association hunter population needs to take care of their selves individually as well.


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