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10 July

Deer and Turkey
Photos recently sent in by 12 year member Travis.

Hi Guys, here are some pictures from last year and one from the previous. Thanks for the hunting. I really enjoy hunting MAHA land.

Interesting interpretation by some hunters reference corn production and hunting quality.

First, there is corn. Both dry land and irrigated. Corn grain production is depressed. It has suffered from poorly timed rainfall, lack of rain and higher than optimum temperatures during the pollination window. The effect has been small cobs. Not that there is not any corn at all.

Much corn will be harvested for grain production. All-be-it at lower bushel per acre than average. Some corn originally planned for grain production will be cut for silage. The silage cutting is two fold. First, due to small cobs, low bushel per acre, does not make it profitable to cut for grain. Second, due to lack of pasture resulting from low summer rainfall. The lack of pasture has forced some to feed hay to their cattle earlier than average. The corn cut for silage will be for local cattle feed.

In either case of combining for grain production or cutting for silage there will be waste corn left on the field. Hunting quality is not affected.

Soybeans have paralleled corn. The difference is any soybean field deemed not worthy of combining due to harvest costs being greater than income earned from harvesting the bean will be left standing. Soybeans that do not make bean in pod have no further value in terms of any other mechanical harvest.

Crop Insurance
Some farmers have insured their crops. What is relatively unknown to non-farmers is that when a crop is insured and that farmer makes a claim the crops are left and cannot not be harvested. No double dipping is another description. A fraud prevention mechanism.

Some bird hunters know that your Association partner John Wenzel is a small acreage farmer. This past week he plowed down an alfalfa field that has aged beyond profitable production. Wherever the tractor traveled the field it pushed up a swirl of bugs. The bugs encountered covered the spectrum of nectar, sap and leaf feeding bugs.


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