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16 July

To break the heat of the summer we're flashing back in time to last winter.

This photo was taken early during the 2012 spring snow goose migration at the Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge in Holt County Missouri. At that time it was a messy sight and sound with 40,000 plus birds. That's a lot of geese, but the numbers grew to over 1 million which is 25 times more than the photo above.

Snow goose hunters are a minority in the club, but we have outstanding opportunity in all three states for those willing to dedicate themselves to the challenge.

Missouri mallard duck

Several mallards and a lone gadwall using the slough on the west side of the south wade-in area at Fisher's Lake. The lighting was perfect to show off the green heads on the mallards.

We recently drained both the north and south wade-in area at Fisher's Lake. The next couple of weeks we are taking advantage of the dry weather to do some real work to enhance the habitat for the duck hunting.

Quail & Pheasant
Local Kansas City TV station 41 weatherman gave an analysis on Friday of the current weather pattern. His assessment of past statistics was the latest comparable year to the first six months of this one was in 1988. For all who were Missouri quail and Kansas pheasant hunting the late 80's through the mid-90's can remember how good it was.

13 July

Looks like a good up coming season. Thanks for all you do for the association. Austin, Chief and Greg


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