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July 2

First year member Stephen harvested in MO and KS.

July 1

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Michael Pearce JUNE 25, 2015 The Wichita Eagle

Reports from wheat harvest say Kansas pheasant population improved

"But from what I’m hearing from the wheat harvest, things are looking improved over much of the state. In some areas, drastically improved.

'“Honestly, and I know how this sounds, I’ve never seen as many young pheasants as I saw (Wednesday),” said a harvester near Stafford. “Not only did I see a lot, but most were big. They weren’t having any problems getting away from equipment.”

“I think I saw more broods the past two days than I did all of last year,” a farmer near Scott City told me. “The best brood I saw was a hen with 12 chicks, and they were bigger than quail.”'

That was a southern Kansas report. The harvest moves south to north leaving room for more yet to come news.


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