July 2017 Updates Page 2

July 13

Buck and Lonnie.


July 12

Always scouting for new leases. Below is a potential 80 acre farm that has been in the CRP program for a long time. The habitat consist of warm season grass, lots of brush, a wooded creek on the back side and crop adjoining. Principal game would be deer, turkey and quail.

hunting land


July 11

Robert, Theron, and I killed a total of 4 turkeys. Randy


Congratulations Randy.

July 10

Cliff who travels far seemed to have a good day every day.

Classic summer time upland bird discussions repeat once more. That of hail.

Even with our current string of good years and hunters usually great optimists there are always those who seek negatives. Each summer we are presented with discussions on hail storms that have killed all quail. Even on springs/summers when hail has been non-existent to light. Coveys under brush and tree according to these folks are killed by every hail storm. Concurrently, these same folks cannot tell why Meadow Larks which occupy short grass open lands survive hail storms.

From the gray hairs. Just go out and hunt. Enjoy your dog. Stay away from forums of armchair experts.


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