July 2017 Updates Page 6

July 31

Got this 24 pounder on the last day of the season. Jim


July 28

Cliff did well to highlight his trip for all of us.


We have calls including from some who express concern they may not have skill or dog power to have a good hunt. Especially those who travel in from non wild bird states. Over all these years we found a singular requirement above all others for a good hunt. That is sincerity. If a hunter understands life is not perfect while making his best of what is at hand then his hunt will be good.

July 27

I've attached a picture of my 2016 buck. As always, the properties are awesome, thank you all so very much for this association!!! Wiley


2016 above, his earlier one below.

Thank you Wiley.

July 26

VJ tagged out all three states.

His buck from last fall.

Great year. Congratulations.


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