June 2002 Updates

June 25
Your Association did well at gaining landowner transferable deer tags. We applied for 21 and received 17. Not all of the 17 received were first choice selections.

Before anyone who participated in our landowner tag program starts to call to see if they have a landowner tag wait until Kansas issues the results of the regular non-resident tag draw rumored to go into the mail this Thursday. This is in the spirit of working friendly for those that did double up on tags we will first try to reallocated within the original group of 21 attempting to satisfy all first choice requests before making any of the extra (meaning those that doubled up) tags available to other members. Such availability will be published on this update page.

What we want to happen in the next couple of weeks is for all that were successful at drawing a regular non resident deer tag to call in their results to the office. For the hunters on the original listed 21 wanting transferable tags if you were not successful at getting a regular non resident tag call in that result as well. Second, we will subtract those that were on the original 21 transferable deer tag list that received a regular non resident tag. Those that did not get tags as well as those that did not get their first choice will be balanced in attempt to satisfy everyone. Left over transferable deer tags (anticipated) will then be made available to the general membership and listed on this update page.

For non members reading this page all extra transferable tags are for members only.

June 24
crappiecrappieA before and after pictures of the benefit of crappie stocking Association waters.

A basket of 30+ small crappie (left) from one under fished and over stocked pond going to a recently constructed farm lake built 3 years ago, planted with structure and bass two years ago now getting some crappie. In two to three years this farm lake will produce some good fishing. Proof is the photo to the right of a crappie from a pond stocked for the first time three years earlier.

Our fish stocking and farm lake and pond leasing has been in progress for the past 21 years.

June 7
2002 Spring Turkey Results

As anticipated, club members harvested over 450 gobblers during the 2002 Spring Turkey Season, but the success ratio was down slightly to 1.2 birds/hunter due to extreme heat and wind during the early Kansas season and excessive rainfall both weekends of the Missouri season.

For members with a family membership, this was the second season open for the "youth only" season and several 9 to 15 year olds were fortunate enough to fill their first turkey tag without competition, of which included an 11 year old girl.

The heaviest bird reported was 29 pounds, the largest beard was 13 inches, the largest number of beards was 4 and the largest spur was 1" 5/8ths.

The quickest a member filled all four tags was 4 days, another filled four in 5 days.

The most days put in for one bird was 21 days (he's still married) and the longest a member hunted without filling a tag was 18 days.

For the first time we saw the number of hunters decline in Missouri while the number of hunters increased in Kansas almost 33%.

We had many quality farms sit through the entire Missouri season without a single turkey hunter stepping foot on the property, especially some of the smaller farms in north Missouri which have great turkey populations.

The larger timbered leases in south Missouri seem to attract a lot of hunters having lake access nearby. But, for the record, the success in North Missouri has traditionally been greater. Next year, if you are looking for one state to choose from for a quality turkey hunt we would recommend north Missouri where it wouldn't be surprising to hear 10 to 12 gobblers gobbling on a 320 acre farm with narrow strips of timber that are very easy to set up on.

Jennifer would like to thank everyone for another successful season. She enjoyed talking to everyone during the 4,000+ phone conversations.

gooseJune 5
For those that thought about hunting some Snow Goose and never did the photo here shows what one short run on one field was able to produce for Dennis and Mark.

June 3
Some of our hunters are sending in photos of live game with their harvest photos. These kinds of pictures have been well received by the non-resident hunters. This picture showing how the foliage grows by the last week of the Kansas season.


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