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The 2007 spring turkey season will go down in our history book as one with the most adverse weather conditions. March and the first couple days in April were unseasonably warm, which pushed nesting ahead of schedule. April 4th temperatures plummeted into the lower 20's and teens at night, which pushed the birds back into their wintertime behavior patterns. When May finally arrived, we were greeted with more rain than the creeks and rivers could handle, plus catastrophic tornadoes across SW and SC Kansas. Needless to say, conditions were tough, but despite the weather many members enjoyed some tremendous spring turkey hunting.

A photo displaying the conditions our turkey hunters faced early during the Kansas season. These 2 determined members drove 8 hours one way into a snow storm, knowing the weather would be miserable, but insistent to scout some new land in a region with Rios.

The king bird harvested during 2007 weighed 25 5/8 lbs., had 2 spurs 1 6/8” and a 13 4/8” beard with a total official score of 87 5/8ths. That’s a turkey of a lifetime! There were also several reports of 25 pounders and spurs an inch and one half. The most beards this spring was one with 5 beards pictured below.

The total number of hunters started off a little slow at the beginning of the season, but picked up the second week in Missouri with 163 in Kansas, 172 in Missouri and 17 in Iowa. A positive note for our future generation of hunters is the number of members with family memberships utilizing the youth season increased to 47, compared to less than 20 in 2006. The youth numbers were included in the total numbers above. 81 members hunted multiple states, but only 5 hunted all thee states. Out of the 5 that hunted all three states 2 filled all five tags, but only one filled 5 tags with adult gobblers.

For the first time, Kansas opened an archery-only season 10 days prior to the firearms season. While that may have been seen as an advantage this picture shows bow hunters can succeed any time during the season. An archery hunter's dream come true; two adult gobblers side by side with 2 shots.

From our side, it’s depressing to see spring turkey season come to an end because the next phase is the hot summer months to scout land, renew leases and prepare the waterfowl properties for the fall seasons. Like many other years in the past, this season was a breeze between the staff, members and landowners. Shaun enjoyed talking with all of the hunters and greatly appreciated everyone having their maps organized while making reservations. Have a safe and enjoyable summer. Jon, John and Shaun.

Member Spring Turkey Season Account
This letter tells how the spring turkey season went for many traveling hunters.

Thank you Ken for the factual and not at all like a turkey hunting magazine article, spring season account. Your weather experience was common to many this spring, to include the hard to work toms.

A question that is received fairly regularly of why we delete locations of where hunters hunt is partly due to non-members having in the past used this website as research of where to hunt.

Funds the Anti-Hunting Movement (Columbus) – Microsoft has rejected a U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance request to abandon its partnership with the nation's leading anti-hunting organization.

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