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5 June

Pheasant and Quail Forecast
It is this type of spring that generates many good pheasant hunting forecasts and quail outlooks. The State Conservation Agencies will soon publish their 2012 forecasts with national upland bird publications and newspapers reprinting the information in July. In the past such news has caused an increase in summer and fall membership applications to your Association. We anticipate the same this summer/fall.

Jon Nee and John Wenzel will begin making land assessments come July. The time frame when cover has reached its peak, state agencies publish their forecast and crops success/failure is well defined. That will determine how many new Association upland bird hunters we will accept into the Association. It is likely this year will see as has been the past experience on such good forecast years that more applications will be declined than accepted.

This time period is also after the Kansas and Iowa non-resident deer tag issue. Another surge point for membership applications. These two conditions of deer tag issue and what appears is going to be a great upland bird forecast is likely to cap off Association memberships for the year.

2012 Spring Turkey – MAHA Hunters Harvest 354 Toms

spring turkey hunting

Over the past four spring turkey seasons we had below average temperatures and above average rainfall, especially 2008 through 2010. The 2011 winter and 2012 spring were much different.

The Kansas City National Weather Service Forecast Office declared
...Record Breaking Spring Temperatures in Kansas City, with Below Normal Precipitation during spring 2012...

The average temperature at the Kansas City International Airport for the spring 2012 season (March-May) was 62.3 degrees, which is 7.8 degrees ABOVE the 30-year average. Based on the longer term historical 122 year record from various Kansas City observation points, spring 2012 was the WARMEST Spring season on record. The average high temperature for the season was 73.0 degrees, which is 7.8 degrees above normal, while the average low temperature was 51.6 degrees, which is 7.7 degrees above normal. The highest temperature of the season was 92 degrees recorded on April 25th, and the lowest temperature of 24 degrees occurred on March 4th and 5th.  The total precipitation at the Kansas City International Airport for the spring 2012 season (March-May) was 7.49 inches, which is 3.81 inches below the 30-year average. This ranks spring 2012 as the 23rd driest spring season in the longer term 122 year record in Kansas City. Snowfall was measured at 0.8 inches, which is 2.6 inches below the 30-year average of 3.4 inches for the spring season.

From May 2011 through April 2012 the average monthly temperatures were the warmest on record. An extremely mild 2011 winter combined with above average 2012 temperatures and below average rainfall set the stage for ideal ground bird nesting conditions.

2012 spring turkey

Out of all of our regions north Missouri has been the slowest for the turkeys to rebound over the past four years. As a result, many of our leases have had very little hunting pressure which leaves us with great carry over for seed. High carry over combined with countless jake reports make for an encouraging 2014 Missouri spring turkey forecast.

This year our highest success rate came from Iowa. The tags are expensive, but most of our Iowa hunters filled a tag and they also saw a lot of jakes. One April afternoon we posted several farms in Iowa and saw four groups of jakes in the middle of the afternoon on MAHA land. One was a bachelor group with 12 jakes while the others had 2 to four each.

turkey hunting

Jon Jr.

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