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7 June

Kansas pheasant hunting

After all these years I've never hunted the wheat stubble thinking it was the realm of the superdog! I was really proud of Ditto—almost all our birds were in that cover this year. Didn't know he had it in him! Was he perfect in the cover?? Hardly! But in spite of our low numbers he did good in tough conditions for being a “city & family” dog. You can almost see my son's body language in the picture say “no way is there a bird here”. That was a first for him too after pushing miles of tall grass.

Kansas pheasant hunting

My son and I only had one day to hit the late season doe before heading home…we both connected within seconds sitting in the same ground blind at dusk. Didn't plan it that way, but I told him quitting time was sundown and as I sat in my stand thinking about that, I figured he would leave too soon—cell phone not working I finished the season in his blind! Naturally we both rolled our deer down a huge creek bed as pictured His flopped backwards and mine had one forward jump left! Naturally it made for a long and tiring evening since we decided to park the truck a half mile away due a later evening walk into the stands than expected. Fortunately the temps were cold all the way home and the meat was safe. I put my son on a plane in Wichita and I drove straight through and saw him get up for school the next morning—his personal “deer delivery service”. The things we do to maximize our hunting time….

Kansas doe hunting

Congratulations Bill on a good hunt and good dog. We agree about a dog point in wheat is superior.

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Just feedback resulting from Association hunter input on tag draw success. We have now closed future applications to those with select unit tags.


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