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5 June

Waterfowl Blinds

We have several duck blinds that have been standing for over 15 years, so we've decided it's time to replace a few. The blind above is Henry D, blind 2.

Since we took this photo 2 weeks ago, the lakebed has been under water 2 times. We're replacing the 40' steel 24'' intake/overflow pipe since the pipe has seen its better days just like blind 2.

The most recent overflow is good timing to help establish volunteer moist soil vegetation for the ducks. Regardless if a good stand is established or not, we have plans to disk strips and plant food plots.

We were able to piece together 6 blinds with the materials we had stock piled behind the office. Two are going to Henry County and four are going to Linn County where the WRP project is in its preliminary phase.

It's been so wet recently, we've had wild mallards dabbling in the puddles in front of our office.

The photo above is Henry C blind 1. This is one of our more productive blinds. The blind is a floater blind and it got away from us last spring, but Jon Jr. recently caught up with it and anchored it down on a 65 degree afternoon. The drought in Missouri is definitely history for the time being.

Henry C 2011

4 June

Took the family out fishing and my boys both caught their biggest catfish. Attached is my youngest son Hunter, who is 4....all smiles! Sinh

Congratulations Hunter! Thank you Sinh for showing some family fun.

3 June

Online Reservations

We have had good feedback on the online reservation system.  Keep them coming.

Response to several concerns brought up:

The online reservation system and map we site will work together. Online billing will also be managed through the same program.

Members will be required to log in each time to enter so only current members will be able access the site.

Pressure info for each farm seems to be a concern.  Right now, we are looking at a 3 day window available to review.

Harvest reports will not be required but we will have a comment section available for all to review for the past 3 days of usage.

All hunters’ names will remain anonymous. 

Phone reservations will also be taken during the regular business hours.

We are making several rule revisions to help implement and counter the 1 percent that will attempt to abuse the online reservation system. An example is the maximum number of reservations for any one membership is 4 for any purpose of land usage. An exception will be waterfowl and it will remain 2 days.
Upland bird and turkey will be increased to 4.

We are planning to start online reservations after the 2013 Kansas firearms season to ease everyone into the transition.

There will be a lot of map changes in the near future. We will be adding aerial photos to our map website all of the farms that have more than one letter to make it easier to determine the boundaries on each farm. Also, every farm will have a number and letter to identify each farm. An example would be Nemaha County Kansas, Unit A 30 a instead of just 30.

Pit and Pond Crappies

For all involved, these little creatures are the gem of our fresh waters.

Black pit crappies.

White pond crappies.

Jeff, thanks for sharing your photos with everyone and only taking what you can use.


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