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4 June

Finally the wind and the wx cooperated and we had a great morning hunt. Thanks again for another good trip to the mid-west hunting. Randy.


Congratulations on a great hunt. Thank you for sharing.

3 June

May Rain & Upland Birds

Upland bird forecast and May rain.For those who support drought theory of no bugs, no humidity or high temperatures means less ground dwelling birds this may be a year to prove/disprove ideas. It looks pessimistic for the first of two primary hatch/brood months. More so west than east.

A contrary viewpoint is shown in May rainfall totals.

It has been historically too much rain in May and June has been our downfall. A far different forecast model compared to Texas, Arizona or New Mexico where more rain is better. For us our mark of a successful, or increased reproduction over breeding population, was having less than 10 inches combined rainfall during May and June. In that view our primary quail regions of southern Iowa, north Missouri, north central and northeast Kansas looks promising. Same for Iowa's and Kansas' overlapping pheasants in those areas.May rain

In all regions current cover vegetation as has been shown in spring turkey harvest pictures coming from all corners of MAHA land is good. Plenty of nest/brood cover.

For locals cutting lawns or working fields there are consistent high bug densities reported.

Combine this May rain analysis with the April review as one more piece to anyone's hunt planning.

2 June

Another great late season turkey hunt. Hunted a total of 3 days to fill 2 tags. Would have only taken 2 days but on day 2 a herd of deer ran all of the turkeys out of the field. Who'd thought that I would complain about too many deer!!! Thanks for all your hard work, Kevin

Turkey hunt


Thank you Kevin.


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