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June 2

Another good season.


June 1

My first gobbler was a fun hunt that reminded me of turkey hunting years ago...big timber without messing around with decoys and field edges. I much prefer that kind of hunting and found a nice Tom who was a willing participant. Just a bit of calling was all that was required and he came in fast and hard. He ended up circling around me a bit and before I saw him or knew he was close I could hear his spitting and drumming on the other side of the tree from where I was sitting. And then he gobbled and it sounded like he was just over my shoulder. I had to wait on him to move and when he came around and into view he was too close to shoot and I had to wait for him to move off a bit more before taking the shot. He was a dandy...25.5 lbs, 11" beard, and 1-3/8" and 1-1/2" spurs.

Thank you Matthew.

Matthew has been in his Association for a long time. His feedback is a couple times a year. Always worth reading.


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