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June 7

My turkey archery hunting with Mid America again this year has been good, 1 bird in Iowa and 2 in Kansas so far. I attached a couple picks. Tom

Thank you Tom. Nicely setup pictures.

June 5

Cass B Lakes

Last year we acquired several additional lakes in Cass County, Missouri. One was in Cass A and several in Cass B. In Cass B 7 a, b, 6a and 4 b were new.

With all the recent rainfall over the past 2 months the lakes are full, which is promising for fishing and the upcoming fall waterfowl season.

harrisonville mo

harrisonville 2

Lake 6a was full last fall and waterfall hunted. We don’t know much about the fishing except there are channel cats in the lake. If anyone wants to fish the pond and give us a report you are more than welcome. There is not a path leading to the lake so access is by foot only.

Lake 7b was drained last fall to repair the dam so we were not able to hunt the lake. A few fish might have survived but we don’t recommend anyone to fish 7a.

Lake 7a is also accessible by foot only and very few members hunted the lake last fall. It looks like a good windy day spot but only time will tell. We do not know anything about fish in the lake so a voluntary survey by anyone would be encouraged. Access to fish the lake is by foot also.

Lake 4b was full and waterfowl hunted last fall. We stocked the lake with fingerling bass, crappies, blue gills and fathead minnows but it will take a couple of years for them to grow. The lake has a lot of structure for fish and we are looking forward to fishing the lake in the future.


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