March 2003 Updates

31 Mar

Reservations. For those that didn't read our previous update we have a new reservation coordinator/office manager. Her name is Gina and she successfully completed her first week at the MAHA office.

As of Friday, turkey reservations are going very smoothly. Jon will proof every reservation as the system seems very simple but in reality it is not. Please do not throw any curve balls at Gina. Juggling multiple lines, figuring out the land locations, rules, etc. is a stressful job so please bear with us throughout this transition.

Reminder, we are holding a maximum of three reservations on the books at one time, with a restriction of 2 maximum per state. Example, if you make 2 Missouri reservations and one in Kansas you have to wait until you complete one of the hunts to make another. If you only make 2 in Missouri and want another Missouri reservation you have to wait until you complete your first day in Missouri to make another Missouri reservation, but if you would like to reserve one day in Iowa you are able to do so.

This will system will have no affect on the amount of days a member can hunt. We've done this for many years and have seen that a couple of days at a time is the solution to everyone getting a far share of the pie.

24 Mar

Fishing. T.J. Bass first appeared on his Association website about this time last year showing what this youngster and his dad were able to accomplish on spring break. This spring he returns again and sent in a monster crappie picture. One post script, T. J. Bass is rumored to be a relation to Earnest T Bass.

21 Mar

Office. Our new Association receptionist will start work on Monday at which time we will resume manning our office Monday through Friday, 9 to 5:30.

19 Mar

Office. Our secretary, Jennifer, decided to stay home with the kids and she's not coming back. We all appreciated her efforts with reservations and we will miss her. We had Trisha filling in for a while and now she has had to move on as well and this has left us without a fully staffed office. So if you call and get the answering machine that is why as John and Jon are out on the road running land contracts. Please leave your message and one of us will get back to you. We will soon have a replacement secretary and return to regular services 9 to 530, Monday through Friday.

Membership. A reminder that if a member decides to put his membership on the inactive status their dues will be automatically rolled over to the current dues the following year. The impact is for those that have a lower membership rate they will gain an increase on reactivation. Why is this the case? It is due to charging actual costs to current members and future member costs anticipate inflation. This system sustains the financial soundness of the Association.

Turkey Reservations. Reminder a maximum of 3 turkey reservations on the books at any given time with a limit of 2 max per state. Most agree this keeps land access fair and open to all. Also, once a hunting day is consumed another reservation for the same or different property may be made.

Fishing. The best duck blind worker in the mid-west caught a crappie worthy of bragging rights while on a land run to evaluate the conditions of Assoc. wetlands preparing for spring rains and floods.


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