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4 March

Late Season
Dennis from late season hunting. Dennis has been in the club for 24 years and has a whitetail collection that will rival the best.

3 March

Upland Bird Hunt
A continuation of pictures from an early January pheasant and quail hunt.

Bright sun, no wind, warm day quail hunt when the dog felt that the quail were his alone.

2 March

CRP Funding Reduction
The indicators first broached on February 8 have increased in momentum. "...lawmakers tried to reach consensus on a final bill, the House Agriculture Committee recently proposed reducing the maximum number of acres that can be enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program by 18 percent...If the proposal is adopted, a 23-year effort to protect wildlife and restore water quality on agricultural lands would suffer a serious setback..."

On the good side, the same article that had the quote above has the first main stream media contributions from conservation organizations, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and Delta Waterfowl. Good to know if looking for groups that work best for hunters that also rely on hunter donations.
Sportsmen brace for farm bill setback, by Faith Bremner, March 1, 2008, Argus leader, Washington.

Could be congress can be considered an anti-hunting organization when viewed in the perspective of those actions/groups most likely to attenuate hunt quality/participation. HSUS probably has an award for that.

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