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2 March

Deer Scouting
Jeremy sends some scouting pictures form last weekend. A courtesy to those that cannot scout this time of year.

Here are the highlights from my trip.

Some amazing sign on every property I set foot on. One property was so covered in scat, I would not be exaggerating to say that I couldn't take more than 3 steps without seeing several new piles. I counted over 200 piles within 100 steps at one point. Seems to me that's a lot of deer.

You can see in the pictures I took of deer from the road, a buck is still carrying his antlers. If I'm not mistaken, he is broken off on his right side and still has his right brow tine, so I'm not sure he has dropped either antler yet. Seems late to be carrying still.

Thank you Jeremy. The weather and land conditions will be of interest to many. We have heard this week from some northern states Association hunters of cold temperatures and deep snow cover.

1 March

Field hunting snow geese and ducks is the ultimate challenge for any waterfowl hunter. These guys are willing to put in the time day after day to make it happen, which most hunters are not willing to do.

The spring snow goose migration is happening now. Good luck to all that are willing to participate.


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