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March 9

We had 2 weeks to hunt, the first week was extremely warm (hot) but we were seeing plenty of deer. My brother, who is a first year member, was seeing some tremendous bucks and managed to flub a first day shot. My son Bryce connected on day 3 with a typical eight, mine was on day 7 and my brother killed his the last morning of the hunt, which happened to be his first bow kill ever. We all saw plenty of deer and enjoyed every minute of it. I think my brother got a little itchy around day 9 but I kept telling him work hard the last 3 days and he would eventually make a connection.




Wow, great hunt. Congratulations on putting it together for three!

March 8

Spring Turkey

Another Spring Turkey season is just around the corner. For those that do not live in the Midwest spring is ahead of schedule this year. We are very dry and the temperatures have been in the 50's to 70's quite a bit over the past month.

Below are the 2017 spring turkey regular season dates:

Spring turkey


Susie has done a great job over the past year adding aerial photos and spot boundaries to all of the deer/turkey maps and the majority of the upland bird maps. Reminder: to access the new aerial photos on the map website scroll past the county road map to view each farm. If you see anything on the maps, lodging list, etc. that need to be corrected feel free to call Susie at the office Mon. thru Fri. 9 to 5:30 pm CST or email


Most our hunters make one reservation and stick with it. Sometimes Mother Nature or personal issues throws a curve at your plans. That is why we allow members to change a reservation. The rules state: One reservation per day per hunter unless a reservation change is made. Members are limited to not more than one change of reservation per day. All change of location per day must be within the same state.

Right now our reservation system does not block changing a reservation more than once per day but the rule is in place and enforceable. If you attempt to make more than one change in a day your reservation will be cancelled and we will follow with a telephone call to confirm. We watch daily reservations very closely and have a tight handle on each member and reservation. Next fall the system will block multiple changes.


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