May 2003 Updates

30 May

Fishing. A 14 inch crappie is worth a picture any day.

Admin. Gina is trying hard to finish up the turkey stats for this spring season. We ask those that have not yet told us their success rate to call in and let us know, 816-761-3636. Thanks.

23 May

Quail hunters will recognize these photos. The one on the left is from last summer showing a very good stand of Partridge Pea. The bottom one is the same stand showing it did re-seed itself and will again be a good spot for quail.

Not only has the cover and food vegetation growth been good this spring so have the insects. And for what it is worth, a pair of Killdeer, migratory ground nesting bird, that return each spring to nest in our driveway did hatch two of four eggs on their first nesting attempt. This compares to last spring when they were not successful until their fourth nest. As we have been flushing pairs of quail during our land runs it does appear there has been a fair to good number of hatchings amongst the bobwhite as well.

20 May

Kansas deer. A dynamic is occurring reference Kansas deer tag applications. Before anyone applies for a tag and feels they want to play the odds comparing last year's results supplied with the application be aware that unit 10 has a lot of tags and most of the Association land in that unit is bird ground. One other point to consider. One of your Association staff members owns a farm with food plots in unit 10 and he does not hunt it as we have much better ground and better deer elsewhere.

19 May

Waterfowl. Now that turkey season has wound down waterfowl lease maintenance begins falling in line with the on going land contracting.

One of our natural sloughs in addition to our managed wetlands that was dry last year for lack of rain has plenty of water for the ducks already this year. A timbered pothole on another lease also has the elements for good duck hunting this fall.

16 May

Lady Turkey Hunter. Becky shows how the ladies can hunt.

14 May

Office. Pictured is Gina, our new Association secretary. She brings to the Association a level of efficiency that we all like to see. By the way, Gina is also office manager, reservation master as well as the all powerful oz of MAHA.

12 May

Fishing. The crappie are biting. Reservivation moderate. A few folks each weekend.


Turkey. Greg says: "I want to let everyone know that I am 100% satisfied with my choice to become a member."

8 May

Hunts. One of our local members that knows there is no rush to hunt spring toms. Rhett is also one of our over 25 active military officers in MAHA. He is currently assigned at Fort Riley. He sent via email: Knocked this guy off on Saturday 9" beard, 1" spurs, 21.5 lbs. Found the skull up there also. Toms are packed in there pretty good... may take my bow up there then and try get # 2. Thanks - Rhett

7 May

Turkey. I was very happy taking 3 out of a possible 4 mature toms, and hearing and seeing as many birds as I did. I only heard one distant gunshot in those 9 total days of hunting. I had the properties to myself. That's one thing I love about hunting private land, and especially in Kansas, the birds just aren't pressured and so they're willing to talk a good bit. Enjoyed my hunt very much this year and look forward to hitting it hard again next spring. Thanks for the work ya'll do in finding quality properties for MAHA members. Good Hunting, Joshua, Texas

6 May

Traveling Turkey Hunters. Indiana hunters Rex and Dan new to their Association, first time central mid-west hunting and recent converts to spring turkey hunting show that hunters only require the right opportunity to do well.

Office. A goose family on the MAHA office lawn.

5 May

Upland Bird hunters each spring we all watch the May - June rainfall as the most direct indicator of the upcoming fall's bird hunting.

Each spring when we discuss this topic at least one novice bird hunter will email "...what crap... [this data is]" to quote one from last year. For any hunter of ground nesting birds not to understand the correlation between rainfall and the critical hatch and brood months of May and June is to be unaware of the game he pursues. Incidentally, the earliest reference to this correlation that we have found was in the book Arizona Game Birds published in 1962. The NWTF and QU have both published similar findings in their monthly magazine over the last few years.

The bottom line is to watch the rainfall as an indicator of potential hunting enjoyment this fall.

2 May

Traveling Hunters. Kevin, who is distinguished as the first member from Vermont, went Rio hunting with his dad. They harvested two each during rain and wind. This is the second year running that Kevin has harvested Rios and it was the first year his dad has ever harvested a turkey of any kind. Must be some real hunters up there in those north woods.


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